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5 Heart-Wrenching Anime Episodes From 2010

There are lots of reasons for the people to get break down. Yes, it will not often happen, if the thing which is very close to your heart goes away. We use to face the issue regularly by watching the heart-wrenching drama on big screen. But the most popular anime series have the heartbreaking episodes make you harder.

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Here we are sharing five heart-wrenching anime episodes for the people who are all looking for a long time. You can also watch these anime series in KissAnime as well with high quality on your mobile.

  1. Angel Beats

It is a story about the character otonashi who trapped to death. This show has the strong plot where the otonashi becomes rebellion and start to fight against the opponents. It is the story of life and death. The characters of these episodes were all trapped to death got some flashbacks too. It will make you wet your tissues as well.

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The story is about the Eric brothers, and they tried to save their mother with alchemy power. While trying to save her mother, one of the brothers lost the soul, and other lost his body. Finally, they combined as a single person and trying to save their close ones. The bond between the brothers will get special mention and make to more emotion as well.

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  1. Hakuoki

The story moves with the historically based story of the ancient Japan with right emotions of supernatural elements.  The screenplay of this story hooks you till the last episode of this series. The narration of the historical event gets you even deeper into the story. One must cry at the end of the show for sure. This Series is Famous because of its Music. Anime Songs are very good rather than any other. At Mp3 Juice, you can download any song of any Anime Episode. It is very fun to listen Anime music.

  1. Steins Gate

It is the most popular suspense anime to watch with your friends and family. It is the story about blooming relationship between the characters. The plot moves on suspense theme. This situation happening between the characters will surely leave you in tears.

  1. Anohana

The story based on the characters that their mistakes lead to the burden. The main plot is based on between friends in during the teenage years. The accidents split them and make them live alone rest of the life. These heart-wrenching episodes will bring you the tears.