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Best Smartphone You Can Buy Under 500$ 2017

In this contemporary world, we all have that latest technology Smartphones with great features. One should be aware of that before jumping into buying the Smartphones, have to check price and specifications. On the other side, many of them use to see the mobile features and other stuff via online also.

There are many types of Smartphones available to buy from the leading companies. You can buy the Smartphone at cheapest rate with best features as well. The mobiles which will cost more than $500 are also available. It is too expensive to buy.

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Buy mobiles at affordable price

People always prefer the great mobiles which must cost low with great features as well. For those people, that who is struggling to buy the best mobile under $500 can follow this article.

Blu Vivo

The person that who wants to purchase a simple and best Smartphone at a reasonable price can get this mobile. Yes, Blu Vivo mobile has its great features to use. You can buy at just $200 with great battery life as well. It has an impressive 2GB RAM with 32 GB of expandable storage. The display screen of the phone is 5.5 inches.

Samsung Galaxy S7

It is one of the best mobiles to buy if you are a Samsung cell phone lover. This large display screen mobile has the longer lasting battery storage level. Thus the mobile with quad core processor has its 32 GB expandable storage. It costs just $468 which is a reasonable rate with great features to buy.

Honor 5X

It is one of the cheapest phones to purchase at an average price of $177. The awesome camera of this mobile has 13MP with the front camera of 5MP. It will support all the videos of 1080P and 720p. It has a 16GB of expandable storage level.

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The above Smartphones are the best Smartphones of 2017 which you can buy can at an affordable price under $500. The best features of these mobiles have the potential to go in peak level in upcoming days.