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Constipation Can Kill: Here are 5 Reasons You Aren’t giving much attention to!

One thing is for sure that: You poop is a symptom of your health. If your poop is not right, it indicates that you are not healthy and something is wrong with your health.

Wondering what is poop?

Let me explain…

Poop is a mixture comprising 75 percent of water and the rest comprises of dead bacteria, live bacteria, fiber, protein etc.

One thing that you need to note here is that there should be a regularity in poop, otherwise it can lead to health problems too.

Usually, experts say that if you are getting two to three bowel movements a day then that is completely fine. But anything more than that is symptoms of diarrhea.

On the other hand, if you are pooping less than two or three times a week then this is often referred to as constipation.

What is Constipation and How harmful it is for Human Body?


We all must admit that constipation is a real pain for all of us regarding health. Actually, constipation is a condition when the toxic feces that is supposed to travel do not travel. But in return, the toxic feces stay in the colon which can lead to colorectal cancer too.

It can also lead to a condition called dysbacteriosis. But hold on there is a solution for constipation. Constipation can be easily controlled by essential oils for constipation and sometimes at the Oiling point, it can be uncontrollable.

What causes constipation?

Well someone rightly said, “To kill a problem, kill its roots”.

Let us know the roots of constipation and then we can kill constipation from the base.

  • Antacids

Too much dairy

Constipation is common to people that consume tons of antacids. Actually, these antacids contain aluminum that causes constipation.

Now in order to avoid constipation, you can drink two tablespoons of acid flux reliever like apple cider vinegar to a glass of water before meals to ease heartburn.

  • Stress

stress can cause constipation

With stress, your body gets harmed physically to a great extent. If a person is having stress, then it is supposed that he/she will take less diet than the original one which leads to constipation.

The best tips that you can take to ease out stress is to get ample amount of sleep, spend ample amount of time with family and friends.

  • High blood pressure medications

high blood pressure

If a person is suffering from high blood pressure then he/she takes medicines frequently. These medicines usually cause constipation in the human body.

In order to control blood pressure so that you don’t eat too many medicines, try beet juice, raw garlic, black tea etc.

  • Dehydration

Consuming less water a day will lead to hard stools which in turn leads to constipation.

  • Too much dairy

dairy products

If you are eating lots of dairy products that are less in fiber like meat, dairy etc then it will lower down your digestion cycle. Thus, it is recommended to eat tons of fresh vegetables, fats etc.