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Most Death Rate Country in World 2017


We all know that the peace is the only thing that we are expecting to maintain across the world. According to the survey, the death rate is increasing day by day due to accidents, murders and health issues. Most of the countries are affected by these issues to a large extent.

In recent years, the death rate has been increased in almost all the countries. For information, there is a country known as a Lesotho which always leads with the highest rate of deaths in the world.

Highest Death Rated Country


Lesotho is said to be the enclaved locked country situated in southern Africa. Here more than 40% population living under the poverty line which was declared. It is the country where most of the people affected in HIV/AIDS as well. The poverty and unsafe sex are leading thousands of people to lose their life.

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Over two million populations, most of the people are dying due to their health issues. It also includes the risk factor like accidents.

Life Expectancy: Each and every person in that country has the life expectancy up to only 49 years.  According to the survey, 54.8% approx of people lost their life in this country. For information, Funeral Services Pretoria giving their best service by paying the respect for the lost live.

Death Rate in 2017

As per the source, the death rate for this year is almost around 14.95 % deaths per 1000 population. It means the country stands at the top when comparing with other countries in death rate wise. Still, the survey is going on in terms of calculating the death for this year.

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Also, this is the country highly affected in terms of health issues. This is the source for death rate as per the central intelligence agency across the globe. To reduce this death rate, Lesotho country taking steps to stable their country from health issues.