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Different Mattresses That You Can Use for Toddler Bed

It is quite obvious that kids spend almost 16 hours a day in their crib sleeping. That’s why there arises a need where we can provide them a sound and hassle-free experience.

Every parent wants best for their children. Whatever be the case, be it toys, education, mattress. They deserve the best.

In this article, we are going to have a look at best mattress that you can buy for your toddler so that you can give a fantastic experience.

Best Mattresses for Toddlers

Let us jump straight into it.

Casper Essential

Casper Essential is a highly trusted brand when it comes to mattress. This one is a foam bed by Casper. Being feature loaded thin and cheap, then also this one is a best crib mattress that you can buy for your kid.

This one is highly suitable if you keep on changing to different sizes during teen or college years.

In case the mattress gets messes, it gets hidden because the cover is dark in color.

The memory foam layer is in between to other foam layers and you can move around the mattress quite easily.

The mattress is going to provide considerable relief to the kid.

Brooklyn Bowery

This is a great company which is known for their great quality handcrafted mattresses. This one gives medium relief which is suitable for lots of individuals.

It also regulates temperature because of the contouring and pressure relief.

As time passes and your kids grow, you will be able to find out the quality of your product.

As they own their factory, thus they can deliver products at a lower price without compromising on the quality.

The BKB – My Big Kid’s Bed


This mattress is ideal for the kids that weigh up to 100 pounds. Every insight of this mattress is made by keeping those kids in mind.

This one is 7 inches tall and is quite thinner than typical adult mattresses.

This one is the first mattress company that produces a bed-in-a-box model for the children and it also comes in Twin, Twin XL and full sizes too.


This mattress has a soft top, mesh sides, a bold “MY BKB” logo so that the kids can be attracted towards it when they see it for the first time.

Ultimate Dreams Latex

This one is very comfortable since you touch it for the first time. The mattress has quite a soft cover that is composed of bamboo and is quilted with foam.

It wicks away moisture if you are hot sleepers and gives great pressure relief too in case your child is a side sleeper.

This one is also quite cheap and as your kids grow, you can easily change the mattress.


Arctic Dreams

This Arctic Dreams mattress is made by Dreamfoam bedding.

This mattress has bounce and responds fast so that the kids can play easily and without any hassle.

The mattress provides medium level firmness and is not that cheap too.

Depending on your kid’s sleep position or preference, they can choose the firmness option – Medium Soft, Medium and Medium Firm.

Let us now have a look at what firmness level you need to pick while buying this mattress for your kid.

In case your kid sleeps on their side, medium soft mattress is suitable.

If your kid is combination and back sleepers, then medium level comfortable is a good one for you.

If your kid sleeps on stomach, then there will be a need for medium or medium firm option of the mattress.