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Exploring Asia: Best Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations in Asia for Families and Groups

Every once in a while, we find ourselves in need of a break from the monotony of our daily routines, or wanting to reward ourselves for our accomplishments. Whatever your drive is to pack your bags and explore, ready for an adventure, the first step remains the same: prepare.

Asia and Europe remain the top destinations for travels in the past decade, with both their fair shares of pros and cons. While Europe takes the throne of the top spot, a great majority of travellers still prefers Asian destinations for a number of reasons. We’ve gathered opinions from prominent globetrotters to help us understand why the infamous second-placer is now number 1 in our hearts.

Why Asia is our Hearts’ Choice

Freedom – Europe might be a melting pot for a significant amount of historic places and events, but as this comes with the price of over-attracting tourists and ending up too congested to let you even try to visualize the Victorian epoch, or the French Gothic architecture.

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Budget – Asia has become the budget backpacker’s haven. Curious Journeylist emphasizes how much more laidback life can be when in Southeast Asia because of the relatively low cost of living. From flea markets to cheap accommodations and transportation, your dollar can go a long way. Read about their blog here.

Fresh, Exotic – In Asia, it’s almost always guaranteed you’ll experience something new to your senses. With a multitude of cultures and lifestyles that are so much different than the western life we’ve been accustomed to, immersing yourself in Asian cities and provinces will always let you experience something new and exciting.

Start Planning

Your top priority now is creating an itinerary for a meager budget. If you’re already in Asia and need a little financial assistance, only go with licensed money lender Singapore or other countries have. Ask around and carefully find out if their reputation is commendable, just like A1 Credit, and then just go for it. If you’re wanting to start travelling ASAP, A1 Credit offers fast approval and low interest rates.

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Now that you’re ready, book a flight to these destinations with friends or family and explore the wonders of Asia. I have chosen my top three Asian destinations that are not only family and group-friendly, but ones that can withstand a shoestring budget if planned carefully.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Rich in culture and home of the most beautiful temples and picturesque sites, Chiang Mai is undeniably a paradise to every traveller.  Explore the WiangKumKam Underground Ancient City to awaken your interest in the world before technology, and have the kids or the kids-at-heart dazzled in Chiang Mai’s Night Safari. After a long day under the sun, try out Thailand’s infamous exotic streetfood and tempt your palate for more. Who says a meagre budget can’t give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience?


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Hoi An, Vietnam


Have a taste of Hoi An’s diverse street food; best known for being Vietnam’s culinary capital. Gather up in a cozy bar with your group and sip an ice-cold glass of lager called Bia Hoi with an alcohol content of 3%. Get your kids up in the morning and take them around Hoi An on a bike, and be mesmerized by its beauty. Nomadic Matt will tell you more about the beauty and uniqueness of Hoi An, read about it here. Travelling in large groups or with your family will certainly be a worthy experience with a frugal budget.

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Take your family to Cambodia’s gorgeous and magnificent temples that are absolutely jaw-dropping. The influx of tourists and backpackers swarming to Siem Reap has not affected its conservation of its ancient Buddhist traditions. It’s still a haven for families needing a break from the hustle and bustle of the busy modern world. Having the opportunity to give your kids this kind of experience is something they will always have in their hearts. Also check out Lonely Planet’s take on the Top Experiences in Cambodia here.

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Paolo Coelho once said, “Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage.” When you’ve successfully taken budget off of your worries in planning a trip with your family or friends, gather enough courage to step out of your comfort zone and just start exploring.