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Foot Pain: The Right Footwear That Don’t Hurt Your Feet

During the walking process or running, footwear plays a very important role. If the foot pains then you won’t be able to walk smoothly. A large number of times this is due to the footwear.

Generally, several foot and toe problems get developed such as bunions, calluses, corns.

The shoes that does not fit perfectly also adds up in the pain and foot problems also get developed.

This can be prevented if you use the right shoes so that foot problems can be prevented to become worse

With a comfortable shoe, you get higher chances of :-

  • Relieving the pain that is present in the foot or toe that occurs due to deformity or joint problem.
  • It also prevents the foot or toe problem to get worse
  • After you have faced a corrective surgery from toe or foot problems, it also prevents your toe joint problem to arrive again.
  • If you have a foot problem, then before you shop for shoes, you need to ask your doctor for recommendations regarding the shoes.

How do I find the right shoes?

Different people needs different types of shoes. Some people will demand sandal, some will demand havaianas flip flops, some will even demand athletic shoe that doesn’t rub on existing bunion, callus or corn, hammer claw, mallet toe.

Some people can get far beyond these too. Like they will ask cobbler to change the shoes so that they can be more comfortable.

But in a nutshell, everyone will like to make the shoe more and more comfortable and pain free.

You can also go a step further, like ask your doctor for recommendation of a shoe in case you have foot problems.

You need to consider the following points while buying the perfect footwear for yourself:-

  • At the end of the day, your feet is the largest because of the normal swelling, try the shoes at that point of time.
  • In case you are possessing shoe inserts or orthotics, bring them along with you so that you can test them in various shoes.
  • Shoe size varies with age. If both of your shoes are measured then this ensures that there is a good fit and it also helps to identify which foot is larger. Now you just need to fit the shoes according to how large your foot feels in your shoe.
  • In the situation while you are buying the shoe, try to stand so that you can make yourself comfortable in the shoe.
  • Just to re ensure that the shoe is perfect, walk around the store and make sure that everything is perfect.
  • In a shop there are several shoes which feels great to us, but we don’t have the normal size according to our need, in this case we need to ignore the shoe size and take care of the feeling only.
  • If any shoe fits tightly then the person that is present there should be able to stretch your shoe so that it gets a better fit on your foot.

While you are shopping for the perfect shoe look for:-

  • Low heel. Don’t buy narrow, high-heeled or painted toe shoes. In case you have high heeled shoes, this increases the pressure on the front of the foot and on the toe joints.
  • There should be about 0.5 in wide and deep toe box.