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Get Your Replica of Mark Zuckerberg’s T-Shirt Made By Vresh Clothing

Have you ever thought of why Mark Zuckerberg grey t-shirt?

The owner himself has confirmed that he has got this t-shirt so that he can save time on choosing the shirt for himself in the morning.

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His shirts are made by a well known Italian designer and they are not cheap. His shirt cost between $300 and $ 400.

You can also get the replica of Mark Zuckerberg’s t-shirt made by Vresh. The products are similar to the grey shirts of Mark.

The cost of the shirt is 47 Dollars and the shirt ships to the resident of the United States and the European Union.

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Fortune did an Interview with Vresh to know how they came across the idea to make grey shirts.

Klaus Buchroithner gave an answer that he saw a post on Facebook by Mark regarding the simplicity of choosing among grey shirts. This saves a lot of time which he can then invest in other productive tasks.

When Klaus did some research when he found that the shirts were made by a popular Italian designer called Brunello Cucinelli. He has a great work history. Not to forget, you can wear custom printed t shirts in india.

So, Klaus decided to replicate those shirts and make them available at cheaper prices.

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Klaus also told that 100 percent of the Zuckerberg’s shirt proceeds will go to Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

He did this because the work of this Initiative in research, education and technology is important and makes a real difference.

The fabric of Vresh shirt is 100 percent mercerized combed cotton. The weight of the shirt is 180 g per m2.
Color zucker-grey tones, melange (sale e Pepe)
Stitching double-stitched with PEGASUS EX3215-03 Serger