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Innovations that have occurred in Water Filtration Technology

You can use water filter technology and water purifier technology to purify the water from harmful chemical.

Actually, Hard Water consist of chemicals like calcium, magnesium which makes the water polluted.

The process of removing those impurities from the hard water is called softening and the end result is soft water.

Innovations in Water Filtration Technology

As time passed, the water filtration technology has enhanced to a great extent. It started from a simple cloth sieving to today’s acoustic and nanotube technology.

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With several different technologies to choose from, the water filter technologies have undergone great advancements.

9 Water Filtration Advancements

Let us have a look at all of them step by step.

Filtering Water with Nanotechnology

In the early time, usual polymer based water filtration membranes were used for water filtration.

In the year 2014, Nano Sun of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University has developed a water filtration membrane that uses titanium dioxide nanotechnology.

Although it sounds complex and a technical term. But it simply kills bacteria and breaks down the organic compounds using the uv rays or more commonly that are known to us as the sun.

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Not only this but this is environmental friendly too.


This water filtration technologies are not limited to the developing countries. But these have a growing need in the underdeveloped countries too for cheaper gadgets so that they can help them get clean water.

One example is Lifestraw that was introduced for day to day house use.

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Lifestraw is just a normal straw. In this there are 2 filters, a membrane and charcoal filter. With these two, the water gets purified when it is sucked in the upwards direction.

Photocatalytic Water Purification Technology


Here the photocatalysts and the UV rays that come from sunlight are used to detoxify the polluted water at faster rates.

This was designed by Panasonic and here it is claimed that arsenic and bacteria are removed from the water.

Acoustics Nanotube Technology

The NASA not only looks for outside the planet developments. But they also look at how can human life become more sustainable.

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Here NASA has developed Acoustics Nanotube Technology so that the water can become free from contamination.

Here due to the water filtration process, the contaminants are removed.

SunSpring System

This runs on the concept of renewable energy. In the year 2014, a Colorado company has developed a water purification system that can purify up to 5000 gallons of water daily by running on a battery that runs on renewable energy.

Tata Swach

This was designed by Tata Chemicals so that the families with low income in india can be benfitted.

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Here rice husk ash and nano silver is used to kill disease causing germs and bacteria. With this latest technology, it is claimed that you can purify 3-4 liters of water every hour.

Euglena Biofiltration System

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This one is an aquatic organism that is used to absorb the contaminants in water. Here, the controlled algae is used to bloom in waste water so that it absorbs the toxic contaminants that are present in the water and the water becomes fit to be able to drink.

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Sun light and High Tech Materials

Here sunlight, TiO2 and Graphene is used to purify the water from contaminants.