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Introducing Co-working Space: A Guide to Productivity & Leisure  

Freelancers are becoming more and more in demand in today’s economy. Independent professionals are starting to build an empire showcasing their own talent in various fields. As more and more freelancers are rising to the top, co-working spaces are also getting attention in the business industry. With over 53 million freelancers in America alone, converting a space into a working space will surely be a hit. 

Co-working spaces are ideal for individuals or groups of professionals who aim to speed their productivity rate while mixing leisure at the same time. As other countries progress in this type of industry, let’s take a look at how entrepreneurs were able to transform a simple idea to an awesome business venture.  

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We’ve gathered everything you need to know about co-working spaces and how you can offer unique services that are coupled with creativity and comfort.  

Traditional Space 

Choose a large space with a conducive environment. Create a concept of freedom and flexibility that will help promote a variety of cultures. It’s an easy way to collaborate with different individuals. It’s also important to have a spacious working area for large groups that can hold meetings and presentations. 

Keep it Natural 

Good quality lighting matters. Use natural lighting as it offers great benefits including boosting your mood, which can eventually lead to an increase in productivity. It can help cut down your electricity bill, too. Good lighting can add safety as well, where potential hazards can be seen and avoided.  

Tables and chairs 

Invest in comfortable chairs. Your patrons will be sitting most of the time in front of their computers, so having back pains would be the last of their worries.  Keep in mind that comfort is subjective- what is comfortable to you might not be as comfortable for another individual. As much as possible, provide your clients the chairs that can meet their needs.  

Safety and Security 

Keep power outlets within easy reach, and if this is difficult to achieve, provide extension cords to provide flexibility but keep it hazard-free. These tools must help your client increase productivity, and not casualty. 

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Since gadgets are one of the basic components of working as a freelancer, why not offer extra space for their valuable belongings? Finding quality safes such as the best anti-theft ones are great and will guarantee their valuables are secure no matter what.  

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There are different types of safes to choose from with unique features for added security. Having an anti-theft safe might sound secure, however, fireproof gun safes are a better addition to your own home and business. Read and be guided on how you can find the best fireproof safe in the market today.  

Add Embellishments 

An office can be dull and chaotic, and sometimes this is why some individuals prefer co-working spaces- to avoid office drama. Co-working spaces can be a place for them to distress from daily routine so remember to decorate your space with an inspiring motif, but without overdoing it.  

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Hang some artworks or add ornaments that can boost the mood. Go green for a more relaxing ambience. Add natural elements that are refreshing and pleasing. 


Let your clients know that a messy desk will never be tolerated. This can affect productivity as it can trigger stress, and might also be the reason for your business to score a bad reputation. With various individuals sharing spaces, it would be nice to keep it neat and tidy. Post some reminders on the wall for your clients to be constantly reminded of the best policy – cleanliness.  


Offer Some Grab 

Don’t just offer unlimited water to your clients, offer additional items like sodas, coffee, and other healthy beverages. If possible, create a space for a cafeteria or a pantry that can allow them to order light and easy-to-make meals during breaks, or allow them to bring their own food. Offering additional services in your co-working space might be a great way to keep your clients coming back.  

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As you progress and learn more about co-working spaces, you will have more ideas on how you can improve your services. Don’t be afraid to innovate and experiment, as long as comfort and satisfaction are present. Don’t forget that the best co-working spaces have a great Wi-Fi connection, satisfied clients, and, of course, great coffee.