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Many High Authority Sites Got Down Due to Amazon Web Services


We all know that many of the web services running by storing their large data and the other things to store. It is common that storing the data via cloud services rather than creating their website and store. Web services are playing the major role when comes to store the information, to save large documents. There you can also update whatever the information that to want to change on time. The updating will happen regularly with the extensive services. But recently, one of the great services like Amazon suffers.

Amazon hits websites

Recently, in the Unites States, the large web services like Amazon were facing major issues. The issue was about the updates, yes! The AWS reports that they were facing the problem like not able to change the color. It is mainly related to the S3 issue.

The issue was happening for almost two hours, said the source. There are many high official authority sites are connecting with the Amazon web services. Due to this massive issue, virtually all the sites connecting with AWS got down. It is mainly considering as a huge blow across the globe.

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What is the response?

Websites Down

The users across the globe were starting to face the major issue on opening an AWS account. It creates the huge blow to the users as well. When comes to open the account it shows an error, which takes the people t disappointment.

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At that time, the technical support engineers of AWS were focusing on recovery. The result for the recovery was quick which takes just 2 hours to fix. According to the report, the same issue took place during the year 2015, but for 5 hours. On that time, it creates huge blow among the users.