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Most Popular 5 Games Made by Google Itself

People are very much interested in playing the games during their free time from being stress. We all know that the many of the users use to play the game after installing on their mobile.

On the other side, people without Smartphone devices may struggle to download and play the games with less memory. For those individuals who all want to play the game, we are sharing here the details about games. Yes, Google itself has own games to play while just visiting online.

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  1. Google Feud

Google Feud

The users who want to play the game without any downloading process can visit the Google for playing games. Yes, Google Feud is the game that you can play with your friends and families. It is an auto-completion word game. One should be aware that it is free to play at anytime. It also has three rounds to play at any events.

  1. Pac-man


This cute game is one the Google game which is fascinating to play the game at any stage. It is the game that you need to follow the way and get the points as well. Thus the main theme is to reach the destination. You can play this at anytime from anywhere.

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  1. Basket Ball


This interesting basketball game is very easy to handle with friends and families. It is very exciting to play at anytime. Yes, you have to pinpoint the basket and throw the ball. Based on the points you will consider as a winner.  All you just need is the internet to play this game.

  1. Doodle Fruit Games

Doodle Fruit

It is one of the cute Google games to play at anytime. It has totally seven stages to play with single mode. Once you click the link, you are ready to play the game. It is such a straightforward and exciting game. The visual and creatures of the fruits will make you play all the time.

  1. Olympic game


This game has the many rounds to play like boating, running and other Olympic Games. You can play this game by just connecting the internet. It is free of cost to play on your mobile. You can also play this game directly on your PC.