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Traveling to Melbourne: Popular Places You Should Visit

Melbourne is a fabulous city in Australia and is classified as the second largest city in Australia. Melbourne is located on the banks of Yarra River near the entrance to Port Philip Bay.

In the early days, Melbourne collected lots of wealth from the goldfields and thereby lots of buildings were created at that time. A lot of those building stand today too.

Melbourne has tons of things to see like hidden laneways, parklands, city gardens and much more. Thus, Melbourne is recognized as “a city for all seasons”.

Awesome Places to visit in Melbourne

Let us now have a look at tons of amazing places in Melbourne that tourists love to visit:-

Federation Square

The Federation Square was opened in 2002 for the Melbourne people. But it divided the people residing there. There were people that loved the distribution and there were those who hated it.

This is a huge place where 2000 plus events are hosted annually.

Apart from a great place to have entertainment, the federation square also contains Ian Potter gallery and Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Another great place that tourists are going to love is royal botanic gardens. This one is also huge with an area of 40 hectares and it contains 50000 plants that contain lots of rare species.

These rare species attract more than 1.5 million people annually.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

If you are a cricket fan, then this one will give a great feeling to you. Melbourne has Melbourne Cricket Ground that has a capacity of 100,000 people and is counted as one of the world’s greatest stadiums.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is recognized as the main stadium for 1956 Olympic, 2006 Commonwealth and more.

Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building

You can find various beautiful gardens aside Melbourne Museum. Here you can find plenty of collections that depict society and cultures.

The stuff that is present here is sufficient enough to engage children. In children, you can find various problems regarding aging which can be corrected by lip enhancement through injection in Melbourne

Beside Melbourne stadium, you can find the Royal Exhibition Building that was built in 1880 where Melbourne’s International Exhibition is hosted.

Not only this but this stadium also hosted the first Commonwealth Parliament of Australia in 1901.

Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo was present in 22 hectares area and was found in 1862.

If you are an animal lover then, Melbourne Zoo is a must watch for you. Here you will find 320 species of animals that includes Trail of the Elephants, Orang-utan Sanctuary and more.

These are points of attraction for the tourists.

Yarra River Cruise

If you want to see the beauty of the town, then you can see this with the help of Yarra River cruise. The view you get three is phenomenal. You can find several companies that offer cruise like Birrarung Marr, Williamstown etc.

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

Children just love the sea life Melbourne aquarium. Here children can observe the aquatic fishes like starfish, sea urchins, sharks etc.