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Victoria Rainfall and River Conditions Can Affect Your Biking Experience

Some people enjoy rainfall and some don’t. That’s human nature. Rainfall is good but when it comes to excess, then several problems come coupled with it.

Lots of times, whenever rainfall comes in excess, human lives get affected adversely at a large scale. They are bound to stay inside the house. They cannot go for a ride on the motorcycles to bring important consumable stuff.

Impact of Floods and Bad Weather Conditions

In some parts, floods have a good impact on people’s lives because a lot of people are dependent on the rainfall to grow crops and have their living.

On the other hand, lives of lots of people are also affected because there is lack of transportation, electricity, communication etc. This leads to a great disturbance in the lives of the people.

Sometimes due to high rainfall crops are destroyed. People also get waterborne diseases that are highly bad for their health.

Victoria rainfall is a very heavy rainfall which is predicted to come with up to three times with two days of unprecedented thunderstorms.

How to deal with floods to drive safely on Motorcycles

Now we will have a look at how to drive safely on motorcycles in situations when there is flood outside and you want to get some highly important consumables.

In a nutshell, we can say that while driving on motorcycles take clear note of how deep the water is and then adjust your driving experience according to the water level.

Deep Water

In case you are on a road that has deep water level then, its better to take an alternative road because the deep water level can cause serious damages to your motorcycles like:-

  1. Your exhaust might get flooded which will lead the engine to stop. Its recommended picking up the best oil for motorcycles so that your bike can be in a good condition.
  2. If the water enters into your vehicle then the internal parts might get damage.

Shallow Water

If the water is shallow then you can drive slowly. But do note where the water is shallow and where the water is deep.

Driving through floodwater

In case you are moving in floodwater, make sure that you drive in the first gear and maintain a steady level of the engine speed.

In either of the cases, whether your engine speed gets too low or too high, your motorcycle might get damage.

Test your brakes

A common problem that occurs in floods is losing the effectiveness of your brakes. In case the brakes of your motorcycle become loose, then you might face problem while riding in the flood water.

So, it’s better to apply brakes while you are riding in the floodwater.


Make sure before you ride in a normal way, the break experience is good and you are able to stop the vehicle at a considerable experience.