Are Andrea and Chris Moss still together?

Both a mother of three and the owner of Liberty Belle Skin Centre in Toorak, Andrea is married to one of Australia’s most successful plastic surgeons, Chris Moss. She manages his business while dealing with hers and is also working on a book. Yes, she is very busy (but not too busy to appear on a reality show).

Is Andrea still on Real Housewives of Melbourne?

After starring on the first installment of The Real Housewives Of Melbourne, some fans were left wondering why Andrea Moss was absent from the second season. And despite rumours she was pressured to leave, the former journalist has confirmed she resigned.

Why did Jackie leave Real Housewives of Melbourne?

‘ because I had gone through a year and a half of doing IVF and now I know what to expect. I’m in a better state emotionally. I miss the show and I want to come back. This was before Gina and Lydia were leaving.”

Are Lydia and Andrew still together?

With a beautiful home in Malvern and a holiday house in the snowfields of Thredbo, Lydia is married to the renowned architect and CEO of Metier3, Andrew Norbury.

Who is Gamble Breaux husband?

Rick WolfeGamble Breaux / Husband

How much is Janet from RHOM worth?

Janet Roach net worth: Janet Roach is an Australian property developer and reality television personality who has a net worth of $25 million dollars. She is one of the cast members of the hit reality series, The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Roach is a self-made woman who has made her money in property development.

What is Andrea Moss doing now?

Andrea Moss She has since continued working with her husband, who she co-founded Liberty Belle Skin Centre with and co-created Liberty Belle Rx. The skin clinic business is popular amongst influencers and reality TV stars including Steph Claire Smith and Love Island’s Anna McEvoy.

Where does Gina Liano live?

In 2003, Liano was diagnosed with cancer. She went into remission after 12 months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. She has been divorced twice and is a single mother of two boys, and lives in Melbourne.

Are Rick and Gamble still married?

Gamble Breaux is quirky, quick-witted and one to place your bets on when it comes to standing her ground. The stunning former model lives on the prestigious Mornington Peninsula with her now husband Dr. Rick Wolfe, one of Australia’s most respected cataract and laser refractive eye surgeons.

Why did Andrea Moss leave Real Housewives of Melbourne?

‘I resigned from the show’: Former Real Housewives of Melbourne star Andrea Moss reveals she left program because it wasn’t what she expected By Caitlin Jinks for Daily Mail Australia Published:11:23 EST, 14 March 2015 | Updated:13:09 EST, 14 March 2015 e-mail 5shares 31 View comments

Where has Andrea Moss been?

Well, in order to understand where she went, it’s probably important that we understand where Andrea has been. Both a mother of three and the owner of Liberty Belle Skin Centre in Toorak, Andrea is married to one of Australia’s most successful plastic surgeons, Chris Moss.

Is ‘the Real Housewives of Melbourne’ on TV?

The latest Real Housewives franchise member on our televisions and in our hearts is The Real Housewives of Melbourne, which was aired on Sunday afternoons on Bravo for its first season and I guess gained enough traction for Bravo to slot Real Housewives of Melbourne in prime time in Season 2.

Who are Susie and Andrea Moss?

Susie is kept grounded by good old-fashioned ideals, yet has her own contemporary style and plans to open a Finishing School in the next year. Andrea Moss is a busy mom and owner of the exclusive Liberty Belle Skin Centre in the prestigious Melbourne suburb of Toorak.