Are any couples from season 26 of Amazing Race still together?

Mike Dombrowski and Rochelle Nevedal Mike and Rochelle were cast on Season 26 of ‘The Amazing Race’, and had only been dating for eight months back then. The couple made it to the 4th place on the show, and shortly, in 2015, Mike revealed that he moved in with Rochelle and her son. The two got married in 2017!

Did Laura and Tyler from Amazing Race Date?

For Laura Pierson and Tyler Adams, the blind-dating racers otherwise known as Team SoCal, the answer appears to be yes — in a manner of speaking. As they crossed the finish line and became the latest winners of The Amazing Race on the May 15 season finale, Tyler and Laura declared their undying love… for the world.

How can I watch The Amazing Race season 26?

Watch The Amazing Race, Season 26 | Prime Video.

Did Laura and Tyler get married?

Laura ended up getting married to Tylor, and the pair moved to California, as Tylor decided to join the Navy. The duo then welcomed their second child in 2019. Soon after, however, they went their separate ways.

Where are Laura and Tyler now?

Laura Pierson & Tyler Adams Laura returned to her job at Hallmark after her win, where she works as executive producer of talent. Meanwhile, Tyler works at CertifID as the COO.

Where Are They Now Amazing Race Season 27?

Kelsey Gerckens and Joey Buttitta (season 27) Joey is now a news anchor and Kelsey is a weather anchor at the station, and now they are married. The couple got married in 2017 and they welcomed their son, Everett, in late 2019.

Who won Amazing Race 23?

Amy Diaz
Jason Case
The Amazing Race – Season 23/Winners

Is Jeff and Jackie from Amazing Race dating?

For all of you wondering, even with their great chemistry, Jeff and Jackie have not explored a relationship in real life—mainly because they live on opposite sides of the country and long-distance dating just isn’t their thing.

Are Matt and Ashley still together?

Matt & Ashley got married on February 6, 2016.