Are cats associated with Freyja?

Well, cats have been associated with femininity and fertility since ancient Egypt, so it isn’t surprising that cats would be associated with Freya in Norse mythology.

What breed are Freya’s cats?

Norwegian Forest cats
Norwegian Forest cats were the favorites of Freya. She was often portrayed with Norwegian Forest cats playing or napping around her, or driving her around in her chariot.

What animal is associated with Freya?

Freya also had three kinds of animal companions: two cats which pulled her chariot, a golden boar named Hildisvini, and a mare, also called the night-mare. You can probably guess what riding the night-mare leads to. But the horse was also a symbol of Freya’s unbridled sexuality.

What did Vikings name their cats?

In Denmark, these cats are called Huldrekat (huldre are female forest spirits, literally, “the hidden folk”). The Skogkatt is a large breed, known for their strong bones and muscular forms.

What Norse god is associated with cats?

god Freya
Cats in Norse mythology The Norse god Freya (Freyja) drove a chariot pulled by two cats. What is this? These are referred to in the Prose Edda as ‘gib-cats’ and are depicted as grey or blue in colour. The cats were a gift from Thor, and she used them to travel to the funeral of Baldur, her estranged son.

What Colour is associated with Freya?

Not surprisingly, Freyja is associated with cats, as well as falcons, rabbits, cuckoos, ladybugs, oxen, swallows, and boars. Her colors are yellow, white, green, red, pink, and light blue. Freyja’s materials are gold and amber, and she loves flowers.

What is the name of a witches cat?

Top Witch Cat Names

Hecate Mog
Tarot Herb
Salem Cobweb
Jinx Hex
Warlock Hocus

What do you call a female black cat?

Female Black Cat Names

  • Aggie.
  • Autumn.
  • Bastet/Bast (egyptian goddess)
  • Batgirl.
  • Beatrice.
  • Bean.
  • Belinda.
  • Bonita.