Are Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim?

Song Jae Rim said he was really close with Kim So Eun on “We Got Married,” and explained that their physical closeness as a fantasy married couple was in part because he and Kim So Eun had a common goal in mind. “We had a friendship and a common goal: ‘We need to [finish filming] and go home quickly.

What is the real name of Kim So Eun?

Kim is a common Korean surname. For others who share the name, see Kim. Kim So-eun (Hangul: 김소은 , September 6, 1989 in Namyangju, South Korea) is a South Korean actress. She rose to fame after costarring as Chu Ga-eul in the 2009 drama, Boys Over Flowers.

Did Song Jae Rim and so Eun dating in real life?

Both stars’ agencies have responded to the matter, with the 30-year-old actor’s agency, MBK Entertainment, stating that the two have not known each other for long but have “good feelings towards each other”, adding that “it’s true Son Ho Joon has good feelings (for Kim So Eun) but they are definitely not dating.”

Are you in love Korea?

“Are You in Love” is a 2020 South Korean romantic movie directed by Kim Jung Kwon.

What is Kim So eun famous for?

Kim So-eun. Kim So-eun (born September 6, 1989) is a South Korean actress. She rose to fame in 2009 with a supporting role in the popular television drama Boys Over Flowers, and at the same year she starred in drama He Who Can’t Marry and Empress Cheonchu.

Why is Song Jae rim so popular with Kim So eun’s fans?

Host Shin Dong Yeob brought up Song Jae Rim’s time on “We Got Married” with Kim So Eun and the couple’s immense popularity due to their physical intimacy.

Are Kim So-eun and Kim Bum still together?

Kim Sang-bum is a 31-year-old South Korean actor, dancer, singer and model. The two co-starred alongside each other in “ Boys Over Flowers ” where they played an adorable couple, which quickly make the audience fall in love with. Just like many other fictional couples, fans automatically began to ship Kim So-eun and Kim Bum together in real-life.

Is Kim So-eun dating Son Ho-jun?

Son Ho-jun is a 36-year-old South Korean actor and singer, under YG Entertainment. Just before dating rumours began to spread regarding Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim, the actress found herself in a dating scandal with Son Ho-jun. During her time in “We Got Married”, the actress was asked about the situation in which she clarified perfectly.