Are Macron sizes small?

Macron Mens Clothing

Garment Size Chest – inches (centimetres)
S – Small 36″ – 38″ (92cm – 96cm)
M – Medium 38″ – 40″ (96cm – 100cm)
L – Large 40″ – 41″ (100cm – 104cm)
XL – Extra Large 41″ – 42.5″ (104cm – 108cm)

How do Macron kits fit?

These jerseys are similar to previous Scotland jerseys in terms of size, perhaps with a slightly more generous fit. If you prefer a neater fit you should consider sizing down, but if you are happy with a standard fit you should order true to size.

What is Macron size?

Macrons is a European company using European sizing for European athletes and this sizing tends to be a athletic fit.

What size is Macron 3XS?

Macron Size chart

Team Kit and Goalkeeper
Sizes 3XS M
Sizes 3XS M
Chest 26/28 38/40
Waist 20/22 32/34

Where are Macron kits made?

Macron S.p.A. is an Italian sporting apparel company, based in Crespellano, Bologna. It is considered a European leader in the production of active sportswear….Macron (sportswear)

Type Private
Founded 1971
Headquarters Crespellano, Bologna , Italy
Area served Worldwide
Key people Francesco Bormioli (President) Gianluca Pavanello (CEO)

What size is JM?

Musto Jackets & Tops (Junior)

Size JS JM
Age 6 – 8 9 – 11
Chest 28″ – 30″ (710 – 760 mm) 31″ – 33″ (790 – 840 mm)

What size is JXS?

Size Charts

Size Age Chest
JXS 7-8 26”(66cm)
JS 9-10 28”(71cm)
JM 11-12 29”(74cm)
JL 13-14 31”(79cm)

Who wears Macron kits?

UEFA KIT ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME For the first two years, at the the mens national A-teams and the Under 21 teams of as many as eight associations (Andorra, Armenia, Belarus, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and San Marino) will proudly wear Macron from April 2018.

Who do Macron make kits for?

Macron are official kit sponsors to over 50 football, rugby, basketball, volleyball, handball, baseball, hockey, athletics and other various professional clubs, below is just a small selection of them.

What size is a JL?

Jeep Wrangler (JL)

Jeep Wrangler JL
Wheelbase 96.8 in (2,459 mm) (2-door) 118.4 in (3,007 mm) (4-door)
Length 166.8 in (4,237 mm) (2-door) 188.4 in (4,785 mm) (4-door)
Width 73.9 in (1,877 mm)

What does Ymd mean in clothing?

Under Armour Girls 6-20 Size Chart
Size Chest Waist
YXS (6-6x) 24-25″ 23-23.5″
YSM (7-8) 26-27″ 23.5-24.5″
YMD (10-12) 28.5-30″ 25-26″

What size is Jxxxs?

Size Chart

Extra Small (XS)
Chest: Inches 34-36
Centimetres 86-92
Waist: Inches 24-26
Centimetres 61-66