Are Peter Anderson and Walter Anderson related?

Walter Anderson and his two brothers, Mac and Peter, lived and worked in Ocean Springs for decades. Peter founded and operated the renowned Shearwater Pottery. Mac, like Walter, decorated pottery and created his own art in water color, oil, and other media.

Who is the artist featured on HomeTown?

The one who believes in his Home Town This week I got to sit and talk with Artist Adam Trest who lives and works in Laurel, MS. Adam’s art is full of imagery inspired by our local flora and fauna, and has been featured in HGTV’s hit series HomeTown.

What is Peter Anderson festival?

The Peter Anderson Arts & Crafts Festival was created to honor master potter, Peter Anderson, original potter of Shearwater Pottery, founded in 1928, and to celebrate the arts community. The festival aids in the economic development and growth of what has become Ocean Springs today.

Was Walter Anderson married?

On his return to Ocean Springs, Anderson married Agnes “Sissy” Grinstead in 1931 and worked at Shearwater Pottery, a business founded by his brother Peter. During the Depression, he created murals for the Ocean Springs Public School auditorium by commission of the Works Progress Administration.

What happened to Adam on hometown?

He died hours later. Parker was a rising star at the station and had recently moved in with her boyfriend, WDBJ anchor Chris Hurst. Ward was engaged to morning show producer Melissa Ott, who had recently gotten a job in Charlotte, N.C. She was celebrating her last day working in Roanoke when the shooting happened.

How many people go to the Peter Anderson festival?

150,000 people
More than 300 vendors are expected, with the attendance expected to be upwards of 150,000 people over the two-days of the festival.

Where is the Peter Anderson festival?

Ocean Springs
Annual Peter Anderson Arts & Crafts Festival | Ocean Springs, MS 39564.

When did Walter Anderson move to Mississippi?

Anderson was born September 29, 1903, in New Orleans, the son of George Walter Anderson, a prominent grain exporter, and Annette McConnell Anderson, an artist who studied at Newcomb College. The Andersons lived in New Orleans until 1923, when they moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Where was Walter Anderson born?

New Orleans, LAWalter Inglis Anderson / Place of birth

What happened to Kurt on Home Town?

Kendall’s episode was one of the most-watched episodes in Home Town history. If you missed it, she shared how her late husband, Kurt, passed away unexpectedly in an accident only two years after their wedding.

What happened to Brandon Davis on Home Town?

‘Home Town’ producer and videographer Brandon Davis tragically lost his life in 2018. According to a blog post by Brandon’s brother, Ethan, Brandon collapsed on March 8, 2018. As Ethan writes, the doctors told the family that Brandon suffered a seizure.