Are Renault Kangoo vans reliable?

An extremely practical and overall very reliable car. The only real problem in nearly ten years of ownership has been a nagging starting fault caused by a faulty tdc sensor, immobiliser, keys and/or a small relay. Renault customer services and the local dealer proved to be helpful even out of warranty.

How much is road tax on a Renault Kangoo van?


Annual Road Tax CO2 Emissions (g/km)
1.5 dCi Expression (84bhp) 5d £165.00 139 (Band E)
1.5 dCi Expression (65bhp) 5d £180.00 146 (Band F)
1.5 dCi Expression (68bhp) 5d £180.00 147 (Band F)
1.2 Expression 5d £220.00 165 (Band G)

Can you remap a Renault Kangoo?

REMAPPING FILE RENAULT KANGOO 1.5 DCI 70HP Many Chiptuning companies around the world choose Puretuning for their Renault ECU remapping files. Our Renault Kangoo 1.5 DCI 70hp engine remapping file provides the best possible performance and results within the original safety margins.

Can I fit a bike in a Renault Kangoo?

It’s the 1.5 version which I’m told is the best option, returns about 50mpg and drives like a ‘normal’ car. Easily fit a few complete bikes in the back … I can even sleep in the back (only 5’7″ though). Reliability has been pretty good over 2 years with only a couple of small / easily sorted / cheap problems.

What replaced the Renault Kangoo?

Nissan NV200
Both the Kangoo and Kangoo Express were available in four-wheel drive versions and a lengthened version was available, with an increased cargo area….First generation (KC/KW; 1997)

First generation
Height 1,800 mm (70.9 in)
Successor Nissan NV200 (for Nissan Kubistar) Renault Kangoo II (Argentina)

Can you fit a bike in a Berlingo?

Yes, a motocross bike will fit into a Citroen Berlingo. You may need to remove the back seats or adjust the motorcross bike a little though, but the amount of dismantling largely depends on the bike model. A diagonal fit or lowering the bike suspension may help to get in the bike more easily.

What engine is in Renault Kangoo?

Second generation (FC/FW; 2007)

Second generation
Engine Petrol: 1.2 L HRA2 (H5Ft) I4 1.6 L K4M I4 Diesel: 1.5 L K9K I4
Wheelbase 2,313 mm (91.1 in) (Compact) 2,679 mm (105.5 in) (Express) 3,081 mm (121.3 in) (Maxi)

Can you fit a mountain bike in a Citroen Berlingo?

My Berlingo has done nearly 90K miles without major problems and it certainly does hold 2 bikes upright in the back with both wheels on. It’s not a luxury vehicle but that’s reflected in the price! The 1.9 diesel does about 40mpg, although the 2.0 litre HDI diesel supposedly does 50mpg with extra power.