Are Stephen and Daniel from Gogglebox still together?

Gogglebox’s Stephen Webb announced to his fans that he will be missing the filming for the start of the new Channel 4 series because he’s isolating at home with COVID-19. His gorgeous Brighton home with husband Daniel Lustig is the perfect place to rest up – and we’re sure he’ll be watching from his sofa!

Is Stephen Webb leaving Gogglebox?

Stephen Webb, 50, took to his Instagram account to share the sad news with fans that he is not able to continue with Gogglebox for some time. The star shared the news with his fans and was met with positive responses.

Who is Chris Butland Steed married to?

GOGGLEBOX star Chris Steed has shared the first pictures from his wedding to long-term partner Tony Butland. The reality TV star cut a handsome figure on his big day which he described as the “most amazing day” of his life.

Are Stephen and Daniel separated?

Stephen and Daniel have been isolating away from one another, as Daniel hasn’t yet caught Covid off his partner. Despite having to stay apart, Daniel made a romantic Valentine’s Day lunch for his husband earlier in the week.

Are Bill and Josef a couple?

Bill & Josef Bill has been married twice and has two grown-up sons, while Josef wanted his wife to join him on the sofa.

What happened to Stephen and Chris?

Following Hyndman’s death, production and airing of Steven and Chris was suspended pending a decision from Sabados on whether he wanted to continue the show on his own or with a new co-host. On August 21, 2015, Sabados announced that he would not continue the show, resulting in its cancellation.

Are Stephen and Daniel married?

Gogglebox star Stephen tied the knot with his partner Daniel Lustig in July 2018 after the pair got engaged in 2016.

When did Chris and Stephen break up?

“Hurt” Chris left the reality series in 2018 as he admitted it was a blow to hear his ex Stephen didn’t want to work with him every other week. Of his exit, he told The Mirror: “Originally Stephen and I decided we were going to break away from Gogglebox together.

Are Stephen Webb and Daniel Lustig still together?

Daniel Lustig and Stephen Webb have thrilled fans as they showed off a new look. The married couple have established themselves as fan favourites on the popular Channel 4 programme with their hilarious observations on the week’s best TV.

What happened to Chris and Stephen from Gogglebox?

Gogglebox producers were initially going to let both Chris and Stephen continue on the show separately, but according to Chris, they said that the person he had suggested “wasn’t going to work”. Stephen now appears on the show with his husband, Daniel Lustig.

Who are Gogglebox stars Chris Ashby-Steed and Stephen Webb?

Gogglebox star Chris Ashby-Steed and Stephen Webb won the hearts of the nation when they appeared as original stars of the Channel 4 show back in 2013. One of their best moments was when Chris claimed whilst watching a hard-hitting programme: “We all like a bad boy though, don’t we”.

Did Chris Rock Fall Out with ex-lover Stephen?

But he has fallen out with ex-lover Stephen who appeared with him on the sofa at Chris’s home in Hove, West Sussex. A show source said: “It is a big move by the producers.

What happened between Stephen Webb and Chris Ashby Steed?

Gogglebox favourites Stephen Webb and Chris Ashby Steed suffered a falling out during their time on the Channel 4 programme together, leading to the latter claiming he was “forced” off the show by his former friend We pay for stories! Send your videos to [email protected]