Are there any other fences in Skyrim?

Unlike in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Skyrim does not have any fences outside of the Thieves Guild (for example, in the Dark Brotherhood). Therefore, to sell any stolen items, either join the Thieves Guild, or invest perks into the Speech path.

Is there a mod to destroy the Thieves Guild in Skyrim?

This mod adds a new quest that allows you to completely wipe out the Thieves Guild. It also adds many minor quests to obtain the loot you would normally miss out on by not joining the guild.

Can I sell stolen goods Skyrim?

After successfully entering the guild’s hideout and becoming a member, players can speak to Tonilia the Fence to sell their stolen goods. As an official Thieves Guild member, players can also do business with other Fences in Skyrim.

Where are all the fences in Skyrim?


Fence Location
Tonilia The Ragged Flagon, Riften
Mallus Maccius Honningbrew Meadery, outside Whiterun
Gulum-Ei The Winking Skeever, Solitude
Enthir College of Winterhold

How do you make items not stolen in Skyrim?

If you’re in the Thieves Guild or have the Fence perk in the Speech tree, you can sell the stolen and buy it back from the merchant. Also if you have good pickpocketing and sneak. Reverse pickpocket the item on a bandit then kill them and take the item back.

Is there a fence in Solstheim?

There are no fences anywhere on Solstheim. It is actually possible to receive a fishing job from Delvin Mallory with Glover as the target. Though his character class is technically CombatThief, Glover is still fully functional as a Blacksmith, being in appropriate merchant factions to provide services.

Can you take down Maven Black-Briar?

As per the comments, Maven Black-Briar is an “essential” character, meaning there is no way (outside of console commands) to kill her off. She plays a part in several other quest-lines, namely the Thieves-Guild and the Dark Brotherhood, aligning herself with the “darker” side of Skyrim.

How do I pay for Keerava?

One can choose to either walk away from the conversation or brawl him for the gold. If one chooses to walk away, they can then destroy Bersi’s dwarven urn under the window. After it has been destroyed, he will agree to pay.

How do I get rid of stolen tags in Skyrim 2021?

Get a follower and store the items in a container. Have your follower take the items and get the items from your follower. What people don’t realize is after you temporarily remove the tag you can sell the item to a blacksmith and buy it back. This removes the stolen tag permanently.