Can a prepaid meter be bypassed?

Did You Know: Bypassing Prepaid Meter Could Get You Jailed For 21 years. Bypassing electric prepaid meters is becoming a common culture among Nigerians despite the fact it is a criminal offence that could get you jailed for 21 years.

What is tamper mode in prepaid meter?

There are two ways to detect signs of prepaid meter tampering: The first is that the meter will attempt to detect whether somebody has attempted to interfere with the operations of the meter. If it does so it will go into Tamper Mode and stop supplying electricity.

What is considered meter tampering?

Meter tampering means a situation where a meter has been illegally altered. Common examples are meter bypassing, use of magnets to slow the meter recording and broken meter seals.

How do I know if my electric meter has been tampered with?

Look out for things like scorch or burn marks, a burning smell, loose or strange wiring, or even sparks. This is a strong indication that your meter has been tampered with.

What happens if you bypass a meter?

The exposed wiring on a tampered electricity meter can cause severe electric shocks and burns. By bypassing the meter, any electrical switches or appliances become ‘live’ which can increase the risk of shock and fire in other areas of the premises. Electrical fires are an increased risk of meter tampering.

Can smart meters detect bypass?

The remainder, 96% of electricity theft was obtained with a bypass prior to the meter, and thusly would not be detected by a Smart Meter.

How can I reduce my prepaid meter reading?

Unplug battery chargers when not in use: Many devices, including battery chargers draw power continuously even when not in use. Plug home electronics into power strips: Use power strips such as adaptors and extension boards to reduce energy consumption. Turn the power strips off when equipment is not in use.