Can Xfinity track your searches?

Key Takeaways. As your Internet Service Provider, we do not track the websites you visit or apps you use through your broadband connection. Because we don’t track that information, we don’t use it to build a profile about you and we have never sold that information to anyone.

What is Comcast California?

Comcast is California’s leading provider of Xfinity video, high-speed Internet, “smart home” and phone services. Our X1 entertainment platform — with its innovative bilingual voice remote and Peacock, Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ integration — is changing the way our customers experience TV.

Can I see what sites are visited on my WiFi Xfinity?

No. Comcast does not record browsing history.

Is Netflix free on Xfinity?

No, Netflix is not free with Xfinity. You can just purchase the right package from Xfinity that includes a subscription to Netflix. Does Xfinity pay for Netflix? It is the customer that pays for the Netflix subscription which comes added into your Comcast billing.

How long is Peacock free on Xfinity?

Enjoy 15 days of complimentary access until your equipment is installed.

How do I find a local Xfinity store or Comcast store?

You can also use the Xfinity My Account app to find a local Xfinity Store or Comcast Service Center: Log into the Xfinity My Account app. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the nearest retail location on the map under Service Centers. Tap the map to find more nearby locations.

How do I find out what channels Comcast has available?

Discover which Comcast channels are available where you live. Visit My Channel Lineup and enter your Xfinity ID, email address or mobile phone number and password to browse your customized channel lineup. Find your channel lineup using your address. Find which channel contracts we have that are set to expire.

How do I return or exchange my Comcast equipment?

Picking up, returning or exchanging your Comcast equipment. Before visiting an Xfinity Store or Comcast Service Center, please visit to confirm store hours. You can search for a nearby Xfinity Store or Comcast Service Center using our store locator page.

What happens if I use the Comcast e-mail monitoring system?

Your use of this system constitutes your acceptance of and agreement to all applicable Comcast electronic communications policies, including our right to monitor your usage. Any unauthorized use of or access to this system may result in a revocation of your user privileges termination of employment or contract, and/or referrals to law enforcement.