Can you get into Red Rock Canyon without a reservation?

You will need to make a reservation for each day of your visit. To ensure that Red Rock Canyon stays within appropriate capacity levels visitors must have a reservation for each day of their visit. This allows Red Rock Canyon to have an accurate visitor count for each day.

How much does it cost to camp at Red Rock Canyon?

Fees: $10.00 for reservations made through call center; $9.00 for reservations made through (internet) Passes: America the Beautiful Senior, Access passes, Golden Age, Access passes: 50% off camping fees (for passholder’s site only). Must have permit onsite.

Can you fly a drone in Red Rock Canyon?

Yes, visitors can fly drones for recreational purposes at Red Rock Canyon. Please do not disturb wildlife or visitors while flying your drone.

Is Red Rock BLM land?

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is located 20 miles west of Las Vegas, Nevada. This 197,000-acre area provides a 13-mile scenic one-way drive, offers more than 30 miles of hiking trails, picnic areas, and a Visitor Center with exhibit rooms and a bookstore.

How long does it take to drive the Red Rock Canyon Loop?

30 minutes
Red Rock Canyon Loop

Mileage 12 miles (20 km)
Duration 30 minutes
Seasons If Winter is not mentioned, the road may be closed during the winter. All Seasons
Roadways Red Rock Canyon Road
Passes Please read the drive description for more information. America the Beautiful Annual National Parks Pass

Do you have to pay to enter Red rocks?

The pass admits the pass holder and passengers in a non-commercial vehicle at per vehicle fee areas OR pass holder + 3 adults, not to exceed 4 adults, at per person fee areas….Fees & Passes.

Type of Entry Length of Pass Current Fees
Red Rock Annual Pass Yearly Pass* $30
America the Beautiful Annual Pass Yearly Pass* $80

Is Red Rock Canyon Open Covid?

The 13-mile Scenic Drive at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is open daily from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. The Visitor Center remains closed, however many items can be purchased online at!

Can you camp anywhere in Red Rock Canyon?

BLM [Bureau of Land Management] Mission Statement: Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area offers camping at the Red Rock Canyon Campground [formerly 13-Mile Campground] located approximately 2 miles east of the Visitor Center on State Route 159.

Can I get married at Red Rock Canyon?

Located just 20 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip, Red Rock Canyon is one of our most popular wedding locations. The locations for the ceremony and photoshoot are easily accessible and won’t require a long hike.

What can you do in Red Rock Canyon?

Visitor Center. The impressive Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center offers indoor and outdoor exhibits detailing the history and significance of Red Rock Canyon.

  • Scenic Drive. Visitor’s who prefer not to hike but still want to see Red Rock Canyon’s breathtaking landscape can explore the thirteen-mile Scenic Drive by car or bicycle.
  • Hiking and Trails. Red Rock Canyon offers 26 trails that visitors can hike deep into the canyon or high up into the peaks.
  • What is the best red rock canyon hike?

    Arriving at Red Rock Canyon. After paying your entry fee ($15 per car) at the fee station,you will enter the scenic loop drive.

  • Calico Hills. You don’t have to drive very far to get to the first trailhead.
  • Calico Tanks. Just a short drive from Calico 1 is the Sandstone Quarry parking lot.
  • Getting to Red Rock Canyon.
  • Get Updates Before You Go.
  • How far is the Red Rock Canyon from Las Vegas?

    The driving distance from Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon is 17 miles. Where is Red Rock Mountain in Las Vegas? The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area [RRCNCA] is located just a few miles west of Las Vegas and encompasses 195,819 acres within the Mojave Desert. Red Rock is an area of world wide geologic interest and beauty.

    Is Red Rock Canyon a National Park?

    The Red Rock Canyon area is located near the south rim of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. It serves as a popular destination for anglers hoping to catch the legendary salmonfly hatch and various other insect hatches from June into late July.