Can you include pictures in a report?

You can use the photos not only in reports, but also on websites, promotional materials, and publications without danger of copyright infringement. Once you’ve downloaded your photo, adding it your report in Microsoft Word is easy. Place your cursor where you want to insert the picture in your document.

What are the elements of a photo essay?

Photo Essay Story Elementscomposition.color.use of light.tonality.

How do you start a picture composition?

3 steps to start a Primary 2 picture compositionStep 1 – When did the story take place? a) Look at Picture 1 and think of a realistic day and time that the scene could happen. Step 2 – Where did the story take place? a) Look at Picture 1 and describe the place. Step 3 – What was the main character doing at the start of the story?

How do you write a good composition?

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How do you introduce a composition?

IntroductionsProvide background about a topic.Locate readers in a specific time and/or place.Start with a compelling quotation or statistic—something concrete.Include an ethical appeal, with which you (explicitly or implicitly) show that you’ve done your homework and are credible.Articulate a main claim/thesis.