Can you max out all infusions BioShock Infinite?

No. There are only 24 infusions in the game and you would need 30 to max out all three stats.

Where are all the infusions in BioShock Infinite?

BioShock Infinite Infusion locations guide: Where to upgrade your health, shield, and salts

  1. Comstock Center Rooftops. Lansdowne Residence – Infusion #1.
  2. Monument Island Gateway.
  3. Monument Tower.
  4. Battleship Bay.
  5. Soldier’s Field.
  6. Hall of Heroes.
  7. Hall of Heroes Gift Shop.
  8. Return to the Hall of Heroes.

How many gears are there in BioShock Infinite?

In the main game, there are 41 different Gear items, though in a normal playthrough the player will not be able to obtain them all. Purchasing the Premium or Songbird Edition adds three more pieces of Gear (Betrayer, Bull Rush and Extra!

Can you upgrade guns in BioShock Infinite?

You can upgrade the weapons using the Minuteman’s Armory machines scattered throughout the entire Columbia. You will be finding these vending machines often so you shouldn’t have any problems performing the upgrades, assuming of course you’ll have enough money.

What are the 8 vigor combinations?

The 8 Vigor combinations are:

  • Possession and Devil’s Kiss.
  • Murder of Crows and Devil’s Kiss.
  • Bucking Bronco and Devil’s Kiss.
  • Possession and Shock Jockey.
  • Murder of Crows and Shock Jockey.
  • Devil’s Kiss and Charge.
  • Bucking Bronco and Charge.
  • Undertow and Shock Jockey.

How many Voxophones are in BioShock Infinite?

80 Voxophones
In-game, there are a total of 80 Voxophones to collect. Obtaining them all yields the “Eavesdropper” Achievement/Trophy.

How do you beat 1999 mode in Bioshock Infinite?

  1. Don’t waste ammo, aim, go for headshots, try to only use weapons that can insta kill.
  2. Reload before collecting ammo.
  3. Always loot enemies and destroyed machines.
  4. Reload before leaving/entering an area, look out for possible ammo tears.
  5. In some cases consider backtracking to collect ammo.