Can you swim at Stiffkey?

The Greenway Stiffkey: The campsite itself borders the coastal salt marsh and sandy beach. Ideal for paddle boarding and wild swimming in the creeks and a safe sandy beach with creeks to splash/paddle and swim for little ones.

Can you walk from stiffkey to the beach?

Just in the left corner of the car park is a signed footpath heading west towards Wells-next-the-Sea (not the open pathway that leads out to the sea). All you need to do for this simple walk is follow the well-trodden path along the edge of the marshes and about 1 ½ hours later you’ll arrive in Wells Harbour.

Does stiffkey have a beach?

Stiffkey is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. ‘ It’s one of her favourite beaches, in a list which includes stretches of coastline in Kerala and South Africa.

How far is stiffkey from the coast?

Walk to Stiffkey It is about 3 miles to Stiffkey and just under 4 miles along the Norfolk Coastal Path if you make a detour to Stiffkey Red Lion, which is well worth the effort.

How is stiffkey pronounced?

The correct and locally used pronunciation is ‘Stiff-key’.

Who owns Red Lion Stiffkey?

When Chris and Adrienne Cook moved to Stiffkey, it didn’t have a pub. But they soon put that right. Now the family is celebrating 25 years behind the bar of the Red Lion.

How do you get to stiffkey Beach?

To reach Stiffkey Freshes it is best to drive east along the coast road towards Morston and park near a farm building on your left on a bend at the top of a rise. Walk down to a white bridge with a footpath on the left which follows the edge of a stream. This footpath takes you on top of the sea wall.

How is Stiffkey pronounced?

How do Norfolk people pronounce Stiffkey?

Stiffkey Blue, pronounced stoo-key, is named after the Norfolk beach where the mud, along with the cockles, share a particular deep navy hue.

What is in a stiffkey?

Norfolk, Wells-next-the-Sea. Holkham Beach. Beaches, Indoor and Outdoor.

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  • How do locals pronounce Stiffkey?

    Stiffkey is first evidenced in the Domesday Book of 1086, and means ‘stump island, island with stumps of trees’. The local historical pronunciation of the village is ‘Stiff-key’ and not ‘Stew-key’.

    How is Stiffkey in Norfolk pronounced?

    Stiffkey Blue, pronounced stoo-key, is named after the Norfolk beach where the mud, along with the cockles, share a particular deep navy hue.

    How to get from Stiffkey to the Norfolk Coastal Path?

    From Stiffkey, there are two paths out of the village to the Norfolk Coastal Path. We parked in the middle of Stiffkey, off the main road near the Village Stores. We chose the western path from the village to avoid walking along the busy coast road through Stiffkey.

    What makes the Norfolk coastal path so special?

    The Norfolk Coastal Path is one of the best walks for its scenery and wildlife and its infrastructure. ‘Infrastructure?’ Yes, it’s an easy route to walk in sections now and then. Or, you can walk its whole length without having to worry too much about where to park. It’s easy to get back to your car (if you drive there) or find somewhere to stay.

    Where does Paston Way link with the Norfolk Coast Path?

    Paston Way also links in with the Norfolk Coast Path at Trimingham, Bacton and Mundesley. Enjoy a circular walk in the area that the original Norfolk Coast Path passes through.

    Where can I walk on the Norfolk coast?

    Norfolk Coast Path including England Coast Path. The Norfolk Coast Path runs from Hunstanton in west Norfolk round to Sea Palling on the north east Norfolk coast. The majority of this walking trail runs through the dramatic landscape of the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.