Did Claim Jumper go out of business?

Claim Jumper restaurants in Irvine and Torrance shut down Monday night — among the first of what could be other closures planned for the bankrupt Orange County casual dining chain. Claim Jumper spokeswoman Anita-Marie Laurie confirmed Tuesday afternoon that the two Southern California restaurants closed.

Who bought Claim Jumper Restaurants?

Landry’s, Inc.
Acquisition by Landry’s, Inc. acquired Claim Jumper, with a bid of $76.6 million. Landry’s President/CEO Tilman J. Fertitta relocated the company’s headquarters from Irvine, California, to Landry’s corporate headquarters in the Uptown area of Houston.

Why is Claim Jumper called that?

I find myself obsessing about the restaurant’s name: “Claim jumpers” were thieves who plundered defenseless miners who accrued their wealth through hand-blistering labor.

What does Claim Jumper mean?

noun. a person who seizes another’s claim of land, especially for mineral rights.

Does Raley’s carry Claim Jumper pies?

This convenient, delicious dessert pie bakes fresh from your oven and will bring a little comfort to your day. After a long commute home, there’s nothing sweeter than Claim Jumper Lattice Cherry Pie. Claim Jumper Lattice Cherry Pie contains zero trans fat and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

What was a claim jumper in the Old West?

A dishonest miner who violates another’s land claim.

What states have Claim Jumpers?

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  • Claim Jumper in Avondale, AZ. visit location.
  • Claim Jumper in Buena Park, CA. visit location.
  • Claim Jumper in Clackamas, OR. visit location.
  • Claim Jumper in Costa Mesa, CA.
  • Claim Jumper in Henderson, NV.
  • Claim Jumper in La Mesa, CA.
  • Claim Jumper in Lombard, IL.
  • Claim Jumper in Lynnwood, WA.

Who is the wealthiest restaurant owner?

A Houston native, Tilman is often referred to as “the world’s richest restaurateur.” Through his restaurant and hospitality company Landry’s, Fertitta owns more than 600 properties in 36 states and in over 15 countries.