Did the Mk1 GTI have a turbo?

1983 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF (MK1) GTI CAMPAIGN – TURBO CUSTOM. An iconic hot hatch, which has been transformed by the installation of a much more powerful modern engine and modified interior. Under the bonnet is a turbocharged VW 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine, producing 237bhp, mated to a five-speed manual gearbox.

Is Mk1 Golf reliable?

“Golfie”, “Golof” or whatever people call it, the Volkswagen Golf Mk1 was an exceptional car and there will never be another like it. First introduced to the local market in the mid-1980s, the Golf enjoyed overwhelming success in South Africa and won the hearts of many with its reliability, and overall affordability.

How fast is mk1?

Top speed is rated at over 198 mph (320 km/h) and Boba Kettler says the Golf is able to accelerate from 62 to 124 mph (100 – 200 km/h) in just five seconds.

What engine can I put in a Golf Mk1?

Realistically an engine swap will be between 8k and up to 20k depending on the engine. One popular swap is the 2e longblock 2l 8v. For more performance you can go for the ABF motor (2litre 16v crossflow). Motor would be around 5-6k and a management system around 3-4k.

What kind of engine does a Mk1 Golf have?

The Mk1 featured various engines, as well as body configurations. All of these Mk1 examples feature a front mounted inline 4, with power going to the front wheels. The most notable variant is the Mk1 GTI. The Mk1 was replaced by the Mk2 Golf.

When did the Mk1 Golf Cabriolet come out?

The Mk1 was replaced by the Mk2 Golf. Production of the Mk1 Golf ended in 1984, but the Mk1 Golf Cabriolet (later known as just Cabriolet) remained in production until 1993. Q: What was the most expensive Volkswagen Golf – Mk1 ever sold? A: The top sale price was $70,000 for a 1985 Volkswagen Cabriolet Wolfsburg Edition on October 22 2020.

Why is it called a Golf Mk1?

The origin of the name is variously attributed to the game of golf, the Gulf Stream current (German “Golfstrom”) or the name of a horse. The Golf Mk1 received VW model designation Type 17. Production started in March 1974, and sales officially began in May 1974.

When did the Golf Mk1 come out in Japan?

The Golf was introduced to Japan in 1975, where it was imported by the Yanase dealership chain. Its exterior dimensions and engine displacement were in compliance with Japanese Government dimension regulations, which helped sales. The Golf Mk1 was runner-up for European Car of the Year in 1975, losing to the Citroën CX.