Did TS Eliot have a wife?

Valerie Eliotm. 1957–1965
Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliotm. 1915–1947
T. S. Eliot/Wife

What was TS Eliot childhood like?

While Eliot always maintained that he had a happy childhood, by adolescence this sheltered Little Lord Fauntleroy existence began to chafe. His social relations — especially with girls — suffered because of his shyness and acute anxiety about his body image.

How many languages did TS Eliot Know?

He devoted a further year (1915-1916) to a doctoral dissertation on the philosophy of F.H. Bradley, eventually published in 1964. As an undergraduate at Harvard, Eliot emphasized language and literature—Latin, Greek, German, and French.

What was wrong with Vivienne Eliot?

He married Vivien in 1915, but her mental health took its toll on their relationship. Her symptoms suggest bipolar disorder or paranoid schizophrenia. She died in 1947, aged 58, having been committed to an asylum in 1938.

Did T.S. Eliot abuse his wife?

Eliot, whom she married in 1915, while he was studying at Oxford. Haigh-Wood had always suffered from serious health problems, compounded by insecurity about her social class. It is clear that her disastrous marriage worsened her condition….

Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot
Spouse(s) T. S. Eliot ​ ​ ( m. 1915; separated 1933)​

What did T.S. Eliot suffer from in 1921?

In 1921, having taken time off from his job at Lloyds Bank for what would now be called depression, TS Eliot spent three weeks convalescing in Margate. It was the hottest October in years.

Who hated T.S. Eliot?

He mentions “Waste Paper” and Lovecraft’s hatred of Eliot about four minutes later.

What was T.S. Eliot’s religion?

He specifically identified as Anglo-Catholic, proclaiming himself “classicist in literature, royalist in politics, and anglo-catholic [sic] in religion”. About 30 years later Eliot commented on his religious views that he combined “a Catholic cast of mind, a Calvinist heritage, and a Puritanical temperament”.

What was wrong with TS Eliots wife?

It is the seventh of 20 planned volumes devoted to Thomas Stearns Eliot, winner of the Nobel prize for literature in 1948, whose masterpieces included The Waste Land. He married Vivien in 1915, but her mental health took its toll on their relationship. Her symptoms suggest bipolar disorder or paranoid schizophrenia.

Did TS Eliot abuse his wife?

What happened to Vivien Haigh-Wood’s husband?

Vivien Haigh-Wood was devastated when her relationship with one of the 20th century’s most important writers ended with their separation in 1933.

What was Vivienne Haigh’s maiden name?

She was registered at birth as Vivienne Haigh, though as an adult she called herself Haigh-Wood. Her paternal grandfather was Charles Wood, a gilder and picture framer from Bolton, so her father called himself Charles Haigh-Wood to distinguish himself.

What did Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot do?

Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot (28 May 1888 – 22 January 1947) was an English governess and writer, who became known for her marriage in 1915 to the American poet T. S. Eliot. Her legacy, and the extent to which she influenced Eliot’s work, has been the subject of much debate.

What is Haigh-Wood’s attitude towards her family’s background?

Although the family was clearly well-to-do, Seymour-Jones writes that Haigh-Wood was ashamed of her connection to Lancashire, perceived as working-class, and was left with a sense of inferiority that made her self-conscious and snobbish, especially when mixing with Eliot’s aristocratic London friends.