Do balloons attack th?

When the blimp is sent to a level 12 or higher Town Hall, provided that the blimp successfully reaches the Town Hall, the blimp’s death damage will trigger the Town Hall, allowing your Balloons to quickly attack it. When paired with a Rage Spell, the Balloons will make short work of the Town Hall.

How much damage does a LVL 14 Balloon do?


Level Hitpoints Damage
11 1,680 640
12 1,848 704
13 2,026 772
14 2,226 848

Are balloons good defense in clash of clans?

Balloons are a very good troop to defend your village on the Clan Castle. With such high damage, if it reaches the enemy troops it will probably kill them, including Heroes.

How much damage does the Balloon do?

Card stats

Level HP Death damage
12 1848 264
13 2026 289
14 2226 318
15 (Mirr.) 2446 349

How do you get defending balloons?

Treat balloons like any melee troops with a splash attack, except they fly. So, lure them into a corner and then hit them with spread out archers, minions, or wizards (most common units that can hit air).

How much damage does a Level 6 balloon do?

Level 6 Barracks Required

Level Damage per second Damage when destroyed
6 162 162 [ 1.2 Tiles ]
7 198 214 [ 1.2 Tiles ]
8 236 268 [ 1.2 Tiles ]
9 256 322 [ 1.2 Tiles ]

Are rocket balloons worth it?

The Special Ability is what makes the Rocket Balloon worth the extra housing space: when deployed, the Rocket Balloon gets a huge extra movement speed boost for 4 seconds. The boost is so huge that feels like it is using a Haste Spell.

Is balloon a good win condition?

You can use the Balloon as a main win condition, where you should have heavy protection for the Balloon or a fast cycle, or as a secondary win condition or threat card. Non-damaging spell cards like Clone are extremely deadly if used properly with the Balloon.

How much does a level 13 balloon do?

Card Level 6 13
Hitpoints 1050 2026
Damage 400 772
Damage/sec 200 386