Do optometrists get paid well UK?

How much does a Optometrist make in United Kingdom? The average optometrist salary in the United Kingdom is £50,000 per year or £25.64 per hour. Entry level positions start at £41,697 per year while most experienced workers make up to £63,867 per year.

Is there a demand for optometrists UK?

Across the UK there is a huge demand for optometrists, and the north of Scotland has been identified as one of the areas with the greatest need.

Is optometrist a good career in UK?

Highs: The graduate entry salary is high when compared with a lot of other professions. Depending on location you could start on as much as £30,000 which is extremely attractive. With increased experience and speed of testing, most opticians will be earning close to £50,000 after 10 years of practicing.

Is it worth becoming an optometrist?

Optometry can certainly be a rewarding career as it helps people improve their eyesight and maintain eye health. And along with this eye care career an OD can earn a nice living. But the problem is that income has stagnated and private practice isn’t as lucrative as it used to be.

Where do optometrists get paid the most in UK?

Highest paying cities for Optometrists in United Kingdom

  • Kingston upon Hull. 204 salaries reported. £58,832.
  • Gravesend. 14 salaries reported. £57,954.
  • Southampton. 354 salaries reported. £57,559.
  • Leeds. 131 salaries reported. £55,945.
  • Bristol. 536 salaries reported. £54,822.

How hard is optometry UK?

According to new data from job site Indeed, optometrist vacancies actually appear to be the hardest in the UK to fill, with more than two thirds of job postings remaining vacant for approximately 60 days (Optician, 08.02.

Is optometry a boring career?

It is a very repetitive job. In university, you may hear about lots of rare conditions but in reality, a lot of your day is routine eye exams and recommending lenses/glasses. A lot of your day is spent working on your own.

Can optometrists be rich?

Approximate Compensation of an optometrist Although this is a respectable average wage, it is approximately $46,000 less than what dental graduates earn. It’s also roughly $90,000 less than the average physician’s pay. With a median yearly income of $124,600, the highest-paid optometrists operate in physician clinics.

What are the disadvantages of being an eye doctor?

Here are some potential disadvantages to working as an optometrist:

  • Educational requirements. To become an optometrist, earn a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.
  • Licensing requirements.
  • Repetitive daily routine.
  • Individual work.
  • Limited opportunities for career advancement.