Do they still make Warwick basses?

Warwick basses were originally a premium brand offering a small range of models built from high quality and exotic tonewoods. The company also produces valve and FET amplifiers, speaker cabinets, bass guitar strings, and is the division of the Framus trademark….Warwick (company)

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What is the best bass brand?

Best Bass Brands

  • Fender. Fender makes great basses.
  • Ibanez. Another major bass maker is Ibanez.
  • Ernie Ball Music Man. Another high-quality bass brand is Music Man by Ernie Ball.
  • Yamaha. Another giant in the bass world is Yamaha.
  • Rickenbacker.
  • Gibson.
  • Schecter.
  • Hofner.

Are warwicks good basses?

For people who don’t know, Warwick are German bass makers, perhaps even the best bass guitar manufacturers out there.

Where are Warwick Corvette basses made?


Are Warwick basses made in China?

These are the most affordable Warwick basses ever. They are made in a small Chinese factory under Warwick’s strict quality control. Initially these were made with the beginners market in mind, but quality is so good that even experienced players have bought one or several Rockbass instruments to their arsenal.

Who uses Warwick basses?

5 legendary Warwick players and their signature basses

  • Bootsy Collins.
  • Jack Bruce.
  • Jonas Hellborg.
  • Stuart Zender.
  • (Image credit: Brooke Ismach/ZUMA Press/Corbis)

What is the best bass guitar in the world?

  1. Fender American Performer Precision Bass. The bass you’ll aspire to play.
  2. Sterling By Music Man SUB Ray5. A pocket-friendly StingRay with impressive tones.
  3. Fender Mustang bass guitar.
  4. Yamaha TRBX305 bass guitar.
  5. Fender Geddy Lee Signature Jazz bass.
  6. Epiphone Viola Bass.
  7. Ibanez SRH500-DEF Bass Workshop.
  8. G&L Tribute L2000.

What is a thumb bass?

“The Thumb Bass was designed specifically for comfort in slapping and playing in a virtuosic way, and it was the first bass with such a small body,” said Wilfer. The bubinga of the Thumb Bass’ body, highlighted by its oil-and-beeswax finish on the unique upper-cutaway horn.

Where are Warwick Corvette standards made?

The Corvette Standard is no longer made in Germany, but is now being made with the same specs in Korea since the company was losing money on each bass built. (The bass cost more to build than what they were selling it for.)

How do you date a Warwick bass?

The layout of the number informs one about the month and the year the instrument was built. The letter at the beginning of the serial number stands for the month; the last two numbers stand for the year in which it was manufactured.