Does Caltrain connect to SFO?

Caltrain Commuter Rail SamTrans Route SFO connects each Airport terminal with Caltrain’s Millbrae Station. It is timed to meet each Caltrain service to and from the south, 7 days per week.

Where Can I transfer from Caltrain to BART?

Review the complete list of Bay Area Transit Agencies. Caltrain also offers Inter-Agency Transfers….Transit Connections.

Caltrain Station Connecting Transit Routes
San Bruno SamTrans 140, 141, 398
Millbrae Transit Center BART/Millbrae Station: BART to SFO; SamTrans SFO, ECR*, 397

Where do Caltrain and BART meet?

Millbrae Station
Starting Monday, March 22nd, BART trains will arrive and depart at Millbrae Station from Platform 3, the one closest to Caltrain at the station. This significant improvement will allow riders at Millbrae to cross the same platform to transfer instead of the previous walk up and through the concourse.

Can I use my BART Clipper card on Caltrain?

Caltrain accepts the following on a Clipper card: Cash value: Clipper customers get discounts on one-way fares (55 cents for adults, 15 cents for others). Monthly pass: Unlimited weekday rides for adults within the zones you specify for one calendar month.

Is Caltrain and BART the same?

The BART connects directly with the terminal. Ride time into downtown San Francisco is about 30 minutes along the yellow line and will cost adults $8.35 one way. The Caltrain does connect directly with the terminal, but it can be accessed by taking the BART to the Millbrae station.

What is the difference between BART and Caltrain?

How do I get from SFO to BART?

San Francisco International Airport The BART station is located outside the International Terminal, a short walk from Terminals 1 and 3. You can also take the free SFO AirTrain from all terminals directly to the BART station. Follow the signs to the AirTrain and board the train to the BART station.

Can you use Caltrain ticket for BART?

Caltrain riders can connect to any of BART’s 45 stations. Separate tickets are required for Caltrain service and can be purchased from Caltrain ticket vending machines at the Millbrae Station.