Does Corsa have Thatcham alarm?

Privately imported car models or older cars will have no Thatcham approved security at all so your insurance company may ask for an aftermarket alarm or immobiliser to be fitted….Vauxhall cars fitted with Thatcham category 1 alarm.

Model Year
Corsa Elegance Jun 00 – Aug 02
Meriva VXR Feb 06 – on

Does a Vauxhall Corsa have an alarm?

This gives the user the ability to arm and dis-arm the alarm via the factory Vauxhall key-fob. Furthermore, the alarm comes with a proximity sensor which gives a loud audible warning to anyone within touching distance of the vehicle to warn them away.

What is a Thatcham approved tracker?

Thatcham Approved Trackers are vehicle tracking devices that have been subject to stringent safety testing by Thatcham, in order to determine their safety and effectiveness.

Do all cars have alarms?

Most new cars come with a standard sensor trigger installed. This is the most basic form of car alarm and will set off a siren if the sensors are tripped, for example, if the door or windows are opened. Older cars do not have any security system; however, a basic alarm can be installed for a small one-time fee.

Does my Vauxhall Astra have an immobiliser?

Correct, all Vauxhalls have had a Thatcham immobiliser since 95MY.

Do all cars have an immobiliser?

Many cars will only have an immobiliser while some will have both a factory-fitted immobiliser and alarm from new. Older vehicles may not even have an immobiliser or alarm at all.

Does my car have a factory fitted immobiliser?

Car immobilisers have been compulsory on all cars made since 1998. If an immobiliser was fitted after this date and at the time of manufacture, it makes it a ‘factory-fitted immobiliser’. If you have purchased a brand new car since 1998, chances are you will have an immobiliser fitted.

Does my car have a factory-fitted immobiliser?