Does Helia end up with Flora?

Instead of running, Flora gathers up all her courage and finally confesses her feelings, to which Helia reveals his feelings by blowing her a kiss. This confession and realization that Helia reciprocates her feelings is what finally earns Flora her Charmix.

Who is in love with Flora?

It’s also revealed the rest of the Winx were aware and helped Helia. Delighted, Flora and Helia embrace each other and Helia truly declares his love for Flora, revealing she is the only person in his heart, the only one he has ever loved.

Does Flora from Winx have a brother?

Both Flora and Bloom have siblings, making them the only two Winx members to have them.

Who is the boyfriend of flora in Winx Club?

Helia is a pacifist who cares about nature and his friends. He is Flora’s boyfriend and is very romantic.

Who has a crush on Flora Genshin impact?

In his old dialogue, Ulfr wished to confess his love to Flora on board a dandelion boat one day.

Are Riven and Sky Brothers?

Riven is Sky’s best friend and roommate, though their relationship is rocky. Riven’s self-destructive tendencies and the company he keeps seem to add even more worries to Sky’s plate. Riven does care about Sky, as he tries to discourage him to continue his toxic relationship with Stella.

Is Flora Genshin an adult?

Originally, during the beta, Flora was actually an adult NPC with a design similar to the other adult characters in Mondstadt city. She wore a purple dress and played the same role as her younger version. It’s not clear why Flora’s model was changed, but she now looks very different than she did originally.

How do you touch Flora’s flowers?

After the quest is completed, the flowers gathered will be displayed in front of Flora’s shop with the option to “Touch” them. This prompts dialogue from either Flora or Donna during daytime or nighttime respectively. Flora: Hey! Those flowers are for display only!