Does Jules have a baby with Grayson?

At the start of season 3, Grayson proposed to Jules, who gladly accepted. They got married soon after, and later moved in together in Jules’ house, while Grayson sold his. While still wanting children, Grayson discovered that he fathered a daughter, Tampa, during a previous one-night-stand.

Who played the baby on Cougar Town?

Busy Philipps is fully ready for summer. The 34-year-old actress, who welcomed her first daughter Birdie in 2008, gave birth to a second daughter Cricket in 2013.

Why is Travis wearing a helmet on Cougar Town?

Expect Travis to spend eight episodes this season wearing a helmet after he fractures his skull dog-boarding (Bobby’s new invention). In real life, however, Byrd has to wear the helmet to make up for his major hair faux pas last season. “I didn’t have to get my hair done which was nice,” teased Byrd.

Does Jules find out about Laurie and Grayson?

Grayson and Laurie tell Jules that they slept together before Grayson got together with Jules, and the gang anxiously awaits her response. Meanwhile, Travis learns that Kylie has been seeing other guys while he’s been away. Grayson decides it’s time to tell Jules the truth about Laurie and himself.

Who does Jules Cobb end up with?

Jules and Grayson get engaged at the beginning of Season 3 and are later married on the beach at the end of the season. Jules also has a close relationship with her widower father, Chick. Ellie Torres is Jules’ neighbor and best friend.

What is Jules moms name Cougar Town?

Jules Cobb was born in 1968 (her age is given as 41 in season 1) to Chick and Bea. After her mother died, she and her father grew apart as she reminded him too much of her mother. They later rekindle their relationship and soon become very close again.

Is Ellie pregnant in season 6 Cougar Town?

But Philipps has been pregnant on set before — she was pregnant with daughter No. 2 Cricket Pearl as the show shot Season 4 in December 2012 and she gave birth in July 2013. But Laurie will give birth in Season 6, which was filmed after Cricket’s birth.

Does Grayson have kids on Cougar Town?

Tampa is the one-year-old daughter of Grayson and Holly, and the result of a one night stand during his sexually promiscuous phase. Because Holly and Laurie were old friends, Laurie was named Tampa’s godmother. Since discovering her existence, Grayson has visitation rights with Tampa.

Why did Bobby leave the last season of Cougar Town?

‘Cougar Town’ Star to Exit Early in Final Season Holt, who plays Bobby Cobb, has been with Cougar Town since its 2009 debut on ABC. Expected to appear in only one episode as a guest star, Holt is departing the series to explore other opportunities.

How did Travis fracture his skull?

Life is tough. But you probably don’t actually need a helmet unless you, like Travis, fractured your skull while dogboarding (patent pending). Don’t worry, he’s totally fine. He just has to wear a dorky helmet for a while.

Do Travis and Laurie end up together?

The pair starred on the sitcom for the entirety of its six-season run from 2009 to 2015. Philipps played Laurie, the friend and real estate assistant to Courteney Cox’s Jules. Byrd starred as Travis, Jules’ son. By the end of the series, Laurie and Travis ended up dating and having a baby together.