Does Makoto have a love interest?

Kyoko Kirigiri is the main heroine of the video game and anime series Dangaronpa and the love interest of Makoto Naegi.

Is Makoto Naegi a boy or girl?

She’s a girl now.

What is special about Makoto Naegi?

Makoto is very kind, supportive and forgiving, though slightly naive at times. He is friendly, polite and a lot more down-to-earth compared to the other students. These qualities could be the reason he seems to successfully approach and befriend even his most antisocial classmates during Free Time.

How old is Naegi Makoto?

Danganronpa: Every Character’s Age, Height, Birthday and Abilities

Character Age Birthday
Makoto Naegi 19 February 5
Junko Enoshima 19 December 24
Kyoko Kirigiri 19 October 6
Mukuro Ikusaba 19 December 24

Who does Makoto marry?

Makoto Shinkai
Education Chuo University
Occupation Animator filmmaker author manga artist
Known for The Place Promised in Our Early Days 5 Centimeters per Second Children Who Chase Lost Voices The Garden of Words Your Name Weathering With You
Spouse(s) Chieko Misaka

Why do people love Makoto Naegi?

I would love to know a Makoto Naegi in real life. I wish people like him really existed. He radiates a positivity and optimism that I just find compelling. He’s a good, decent person who tries to stay optimistic and strong in the face of adversity and despair.

Is Makoto Naegi the mastermind?

In the AU, Makoto Naegi was found to be the Mastermind when Kyoko went into his room after his “execution” (the After School Lesson) and was going to search for clues. Instead, she found a sleeping Makoto in his bed and a group of monitors and a speaker.

Why does the goddess hate Makoto?

Even though she understands the arrangement deal she made with his parents and gods, her selfish nature refused to accept Makoto, causing her to take others without permission. This caused her to be punished by the other gods, as well as being unaware of Makoto activities in her world.

Who does Makoto end up with in school days?

In Earnest Feelings Requited, Makoto, having grown frustrated at Kotonoha and Sekai forcing him to choose between them, ultimately decides that Otome, whom he has known since childhood, is the one for him.