How can I listen to the Dallas Cowboys game on the radio?

Listen to 105.3 The Fan – CBS Dallas, The Ticket Sports Radio 1310 AM and Many Other Stations from Around the World with the App.

What radio station is the Cowboys on?

Prior to 2009, Cowboys games were broadcast on 1310 AM KTCK “The Ticket” and 93.3 FM KDBN “The Bone”, and also previously on 103.7 KVIL FM and 98.7 FM KLUV “K-LUV”….Texas.

City Callsign Frequency
Atlanta KPYN 900 AM/99.5 FM
Austin KTXX 104.9 FM
Big Spring KBST 95.7 FM
Brownsville KVNS/KQXX 1700 AM/105.5 FM

How can I listen to the Dallas Cowboys game on my phone?

TuneIn. Listen to the live local call of every Cowboys game all season long. Sign up for a free trial of TuneIn Premium.

What is Tolo short for?

Tolo (surname) Tolo (dance), a regional U.S. term for a type of school dance where females invite males. TOLO (TV channel), an Afghan TV station. Tiele people, a Turkic people in inner Asia before the 8th century.

What station is ESPN Radio on in Dallas?

103.3 ESPN [KESN-FM] ends sports talk, becomes ‘Your Christian Voice for Dallas’

Who is number 12 on the Dallas Cowboys?

Dallas has yet to formally retire numbers, though a few have remained unassigned after being worn by Hall of Famers, including Nos. 8 (Troy Aikman), 12 (Roger Staubach) and 22 (Emmitt Smith). Who wore number 59 for the Dallas Cowboys?

What radio station broadcast the Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys Radio Network

  • TEXAS: Abilene – KTLT 98.1 FM …
  • ARKANSAS: Little Rock,AR – KABZ 103.7 FM
  • LOUISIANA: Shreveport,LA – KLKL 95.7 FM
  • NEW MEXICO: Albuquerque,NM – KQTM 101.7 FM Artesia,NM – KTZA 92.9 FM Carlsbad,NM – KTZA 92.9 FM Farmington,NM – KPRT 107.9 FM
  • OKLAHOMA: Hugo,OK – KFYN 104.3 FM Oklahoma City,OK – KRXO 107.7
  • How do you contact the Dallas Cowboys?

    Get Pollard more involved. After a great start to the season,Elliott has struggled of late.

  • Attack the perimeter. Pollard has been especially dangerous on runs to the outside.
  • Continuity on the offensive line. The Cowboys offensive line has struggled in the run game for half the season now.
  • Stick with it.
  • Can the Dallas Cowboys beat the Saints?

    Yes, they can. It will not be easy but this is how they could do it. The New Orleans Saints come into AT Stadium Thursday night with a 10-game winning streak in their pocket. They are the hottest team in the NFL. ESPN only gives the Dallas Cowboys a 37.8 percent chance to win. Yet, the ‘Boys can beat this team, but it won’t be easy.