How did Nextel Direct Connect work?

Direct Connect relies on the proven technology of Push To Talk (PTT), commonly used in dispatch radio systems. PTT requires the person speaking to press a button while talking and then release it when they are done. The listener then presses their button to respond.

How does Sprint Direct Connect work?

Sprint Direct Connect Plus is a push-to-talk solution that keeps your workforce in constant real-time contact with each other, support teams and headquarters. Compatible devices List of phones and tablets that work with Sprint Direct Connect Plus.

Are they bringing Nextel back?

Nextel — the other name behind the 2005 merger that bedeviled Sprint — is making a comeback alongside Tender Vittles, Tidy Wipes, Hai Karate and Drixoral. Retrobrands USA, a Florida-based company, claims Sprint abandoned the Nextel brand in 2013. So it’s fair game, and Retrobrands has grabbed it.

Is Push To Talk still available?

The highly developed cell-phone infrastructure available in most countries has made PoC a very efficient and cost-effective method of communication, rendering the traditional PTT walkie-talkie obsolete.

Does boost still have walkie talkie?

You can get immediate access to Boost or Nextel subscribers at the push of a button with unlimited nationwide Boost Walkie-Talkie, for a low pay-as-you-go daily fee. An all-around versatile and in-demand phone!

What is a Direct Connect number?

– Your Direct Connect. number is unique and different from your cellular number. It will have 3 sets of numbers, each separated by an asterisk (for example, 99*9999*999). -or- Single number.

What is T Mobile Direct Connect?

The T-Mobile® Direct Connect® app enables push-to-talk communications with T-Mobile® Direct Connect® devices including best-in-class features such as 1-to-1 Direct Connect calling and Group Connect calling all with the convenience of touchscreen controls.

What frequency does Nextel use?

The technology uses the 900 MHz ISM band and provides ten FHSS channels for an off-network push to talk communications between individual phones that are not necessarily in range of wireless towers.

What is Direct Connect on Nextel walkie talkie phones?

Nextel Motorola i576 Nextel walkie talkie phone offer a service called Direct Connect that lets you connect to another Nextel user with just a click. If the other user is within the local coverage area, this service is typically free.

What frequency does Nextel iDEN use?

It uses the 800 MHz portion of the radio spectrum assigned to specialized mobile radio (SMR) service. Nextel has purchased a large segment of these frequencies in a significant number of the national and international cellular service markets. iDEN uses TDMA technology to split a 25 KHz frequency into six separate time slots.

Why choose Nextel™?

With devices designed to meet the needs of every industry, NEXTEL™ is the perfect solution to outfit all of your personnel with the best device for their specific job in the field. NEXTEL™ nationwide service extends where traditional cellular service can’t, to keep your teams connected in the toughest environments coast to coast.

Is the Motorola i576 Nextel cell phone any good?

The Motorola i576 Nextel Cell Phone has a lightweight and slim design that won’t weigh you down. The Motorola i576 Nextel cell phone is the perfect size and fits comfortably in your hand. This Nextel Motorola i576 PTT rugged cell phone is made to be tough.