How do I access My e-payslip?

You can access your payslip from anywhere either on your mobile phone or any computer with internet connection. If you are a new user, kindly register by clicking on REGISTER FOR E-PAYSLIP. You will need a first-time registration code, which can be obtained from your Head of Department.

How do I check my payslip email?

Open PIFRA salary slip registration web page and enter all your details like CNIC number, date of birth and mobile number. Now enter your email address and you will receive the payslip via email.

How do I recover my e payslip password?

Forgot your E-Payslip password? Enter employee number and mobile number used for registeration. A new password will be send to your email address and mobile phone upon validation.

How can I download TCS payslip?

All the employees of the Tata Consultancy Employees (TCS) can access their payslips via TCS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), ‘Ultimatix’. The employees can access the portal from the link: It is available as a portal as well as an app for both IOS and Android softwares.

How can I get my salary slip after resignation?

I have resigned from my job as per the company guidelines and my last working date is ________(your last working date). Here I would like to request you to issue my salary slip for the month of _______(month & year) which I need to submit to my new employer. So please issue my salary slip. Thanking you.

How do I save a payslip as a PDF?

To export a particular employee’s payslip, click the PDF option beside their name. To export all employees’ payslips, click Export All Payslips then PDF Payslips.

How do I download my Ifhrms payslip?

How to download IFHRMS Pay Slip online?

  1. Enter User ID and password. Now, login using your IFHRMS login ID and password.
  2. Open 4th tab called IFHRMS.
  3. Click on Finance option for salary bill.
  4. Now, open the last option called Payroll.
  5. Click on Results option.
  6. Enter DDO Code.
  7. Enter Period name.
  8. Provide salary bill type.

What is the password for Infosys payslip?

Yes, Infosys provide salary slip to employees on the last working day of that month thru mail . Payslip is password protected. so, u hv to enter ur dob in dd-mm-yyyy format to unlock it.