How do I assign a user to my ShoreTel phone?

Assign a phone

  1. Make sure there are no active calls on the phone being assigned.
  2. Click Assign.
  3. Enter the users extension and voicemail password into the box that appears. Once finished click Next.
  4. If the information entered is correct the phone will assign the user.

How do I forward my ShoreTel 230 phone?

How to forward your Shoretel phone calls to your cell phone

  1. Press the Mode button and select Custom.
  2. Press the Option button and enter your voice message password followed by the # sign or press the OK button.
  3. The Call Handling option should be highlighted in blue, press the Edit button.

How do I pair my ShoreTel 230 headset?

Many newer ShoreTel telephones have a headset port and button for easy headset use. You simply plug your H-series headset into the direct connect cable, and into your ShoreTel telephones headset port. To answer or end a call, you simply press the headset button. It doesn’t get any easier.

How do you reset a ShoreTel 230?

Follow this step-by-step instruction and the phone is starting from scratch:

  1. Type 772667# on the phone keypad.
  2. Enter the default password 1234#
  3. The phone will be reseted and display Factory Test KPD Mode.
  4. Type 25327# (spells clear# ) on phone keypad.
  5. Then the phone will show Clearing Phone Data.

How do I change the extension on my shoretel phone?


  1. Press # #.
  2. Enter the extension number you wish to reassign.
  3. Enter the password for that extension.
  4. Press Option 7, Mailbox Options.
  5. Press Option 3, Reassign Your Extension.
  6. Press Option 1, Assign YourExtension To This Telephone.

How do I change the extension of a number 8×8?


  1. Log in to 8×8 Admin Console.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Click Edit (pencil icon).
  4. In Voice Basic Settings, enter a new number under Extension number, or click Suggest to automatically assign the user an available extension number.
  5. Click Save.

What is a Mitel extension?

Extension monitoring allows a Mitel MiCloud Connect user to monitor the extension of another user and answer calls on the other user’s extension, if necessary. For example, two assistants are working on different floors of the same building and are both responsible for answering calls from the main phone line.

How do I reset my ShoreTel cordless phone?