How do I create a multiple heating zone?

Homeowners with forced hot air heating systems also can create multiple zones by using two or more thermostats connected to a master control panel; the control panel opens and closes dampers that are installed within the ductwork.

How much does a dual heating system cost?

CostHelper readers report paying $6,000-$8,200, or an average of $7,234 for installing a dual system in a house with existing usable ductwork. Total costs can double or triple to $10,000-$25,000 or more if the house does not have usable ductwork.

Is a dual fuel heating system worth it?

Yes, dual fuel heat pumps are worth the investment. They provide the energy-efficient benefits of an electric heat pump with the reliable heat of a gas furnace. Dual fuel heat pumps alternate between electric and gas based on the outside temperature for maximum efficiency.

Can you add zones to an existing HVAC system?

The good news is that you can add zones to your existing system, even if you just have a single air handler or furnace connected to a single compressor or heat pump. The bad news? You might need to wait until you’re ready to replace your equipment.

How do dual zone HVAC systems work?

What Is Dual-Zone HVAC? Zoning is a way to control your HVAC system to maximize heating and cooling output. It utilizes multiple sensors, thermostats, and modulating dampers to more effectively control the temperature in different “zones” within your home.

Is a hybrid HVAC system worth it?

A hybrid heating system is estimated to save the average homeowner anywhere between 30 percent to 50 percent in energy costs in a year’s time. Most hybrid systems will pay for themselves in three to five years.

How does a dual heating system work?

A dual fuel heating system is a hybrid system made-up of both an electric heat pump and a gas furnace. The system alternates between using each of the two devices, depending on the season, temperature and the function needed, to maximize efficiency and effectively heat and cool your home all year long.

What is a dual fuel heating system Nest?

A dual fuel heating and cooling system (also called a hybrid or packaged system) is a combination of a heat pump for primary heating and cooling, and a furnace (usually gas or oil) that provides a second and/or third stage of heating.