How do I find the specs on my HP Pavilion?

Use HP Support Assistant to find product specifications.

  1. Download and install HP Support Assistant, if necessary.
  2. Open HP Support Assistant.
  3. Click the My devices tab.
  4. Click your product name on the My devices screen, and then click Specifications.

Where is Ram located in HP Pavilion?

The primary and expansion memory slots are both located under the service door. The primary memory slot is located on the bottom and the expansion memory slot is located on top.

How do I find the ports on my computer?

Type “netstat -a” without the quotation marks and press the “Enter” key. A list of data appears. The first column signifies the protocol type used, while the second column displays a list of local connections that are in use. The number that appears after the colon in this column is the port that is in use.

What are the ports on my HP monitor?

HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C™ are the most common types of monitor ports and cables, and you’ll find them on the majority of modern displays. However, there are legacy options available as well, such as VGA and DVI, that you may need to connect to older devices.

How do I find my HP system information?

Click Start, System Information, then Help and Support and then System Information. Alternately, click Start, type system in the search field, and then select when it appears in the program listing. Alternately, hold the function key and press Esc. The System information window displays to show basic information.

What are all the different ports on a computer?

There are different types of ports available:

  • Serial port.
  • Parallel port.
  • USB port.
  • PS/2 port.
  • VGA port.
  • Modem port.
  • FireWire Port.
  • Sockets.

What are the ports on the back of my PC?

USB Ports. On most desktop computers, most of the USB ports are on the back of the computer case. Generally, you’ll want to connect your mouse and keyboard to these ports and keep the front USB ports free so they can be used for digital cameras and other devices.

What are the ports on an HP Pavilion?

The HP Pavilion comes with 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports and a HDMI output.

What types of display ports are there?

HDMI: Audio and video signal, best for TV to PC connections. DVI: Video only, perfect for older systems or for 144Hz at 1080p. DisplayPort (DP): The best connector for an audio and video signal, and can transmit 144Hz up to 4K. VGA: Old, legacy video connector.