How do I get a marriage license in Kalamazoo County?

Marriage License applications are available at the Kalamazoo County Clerk’s office and online. You apply for the license at the Clerk’s Office in the county where one of the applicants resides. The license can then be used anywhere in the State of Michigan.

How do I get a copy of my marriage license in Kalamazoo Michigan?


  1. At Kalamazoo County Clerk’s Office, 201 W. Kalamazoo Ave., Room 103, Kalamazoo, MI 49007.
  2. Fee is $15; additional copies of the same record are $5. Method of payment includes cash, check, money order or credit/debit card.
  3. To save time, you may print out and complete the Marriage Records Request Form.

Can you get a marriage license online Michigan?

Online Marriage License Application, save a trip to the Clerk’s Office by applying online or download a Marriage License Application (PDF). Applications are also available in-person at County Clerk’s Office. Social Security Numbers: You must provide social security numbers for both applicants.

Can I get a marriage license right now in Michigan?

Marriage License applications are available through the your local County Clerk’s Office. In order to get married in the State of Michigan, couples must apply in person and present current valid driver’s license or state I.D. to obtain a marriage license application.

How long does it take to get a Michigan marriage license?

There is a three-day waiting period after applying before the license may be issued and used. A marriage license is void unless the marriage is solemnized within 33 days from the date of application. The license is valid only in the State of Michigan.

How do I get a copy of my marriage certificate in Michigan?

Certified copies of marriage licenses may be obtained online, in person, or by writing to the Wayne County Clerk, Marriage Certification Dept., 201 Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Detroit, MI 48226. In addition, individuals can obtain “Rushed Delivery” certified copies of marriage licenses via VitalChek.

What is the meaning of Kalamazoo?

It could mean “boiling water” or “place where water boils” in Potawatomi. This interpretation comes from the legend of a Potawatomi named Fleet Foot. To win his bride, he successfully ran from his village to a spot on the Kalamazoo river and back before a pot of water boiled away.

Can you get married same day in Michigan?

DO NOT APPLY MORE THAN 33 DAYS BEFORE YOUR WEDDING DATE. In order to WAIVE the THREE-DAY WAITING PERIOD, you must fill out a waiver and pay an ADDITIONAL $10.00. Once this process is completed, you will receive your marriage license ON THE SAME DAY YOU APPLY. The license is ONLY VALID in the STATE OF MICHIGAN.

How to get a Michigan marriage license?

Full name and gender: You must also mention the surname in case it is different in the birth certificate (it means you want to change it).

  • Birth Certificate or Passport: You need to provide proof of your age and residency.
  • Driver’s license: For proof of residency you must provide a state-issued driver’s license.
  • How do I apply for a marriage license?

    Name First,middle,last

  • Birth name
  • Surname after marriage Optional Allowed for males and females
  • Residential address Street,city/town/village,state,county,zip
  • Mailing address
  • Date of birth
  • Birthplace
  • Sex Optional
  • Age
  • Occupation Job name or title Business type or industry
  • Is marriage license public records?

    Marriage records are public documents that are generally the marriage license and divorce decree but most other aspects of a divorce including division of shared property, child support, and custody, are kept confidential. There is a common misconception

    Are wedding license public records?

    Marriage records are classified as vital records and are usually a matter of public record. Obtaining a marriage record is often possible, and can be useful in a variety of circumstances. Learn more here.