How do I increase my speed in the 400-meter dash?

How to Get in Shape for the 400M

  1. Perform technique drills before every running workout.
  2. Interval training workouts two to three days per week.
  3. Run at a specific tempo to learn proper pacing during interval workouts.
  4. Perform stamina workouts one day a week.
  5. Strength train two to three days per week.

How fast should you run a 400-meter dash?

A good 400m time for a man is to run under 50 seconds. The 50 seconds barrier is a time all 400m runners want to beat.

How can I improve my 400m speed endurance?

All acceleration workouts without a sled should be done out of blocks.

  1. 25 m, 30 m, 35 m x 4 reps. After each run rest for 1 to 2 minutes.
  2. 30 m, 35 m, 50 m x 4 reps. After each run rest for 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. 60 m Sled Pulls x 10 reps. After each 60m sled pull, rest for 3 minutes.
  4. 60 m x 10 reps.

How much do 400m runners weigh?

The “prototypical” 400m runner is a little over 6 feet tall and about 165-180 lbs. There are many exceptions to this though.

How do I train for a 400-meter run?

400m Workouts

  1. 3-4x 3x 30m accelerations from the crouch position @95-100% with a recovery of 3′/6′
  2. 3-4x 3x 30-50m block starts @ 95-100% 3′/6′
  3. 3-4x 3x 30-50m sled pulls @ 95-100% 3’/6′
  4. Important Notes:
  5. 100-200-100-200-100-200-100-200-100m @ 80-89% with a recovery of 2-3′

How to run a 400 meter dash?

The first step to running the 400 meter dash is having a strong start out of the starting blocks. The starting blocks are used so that the runner can push out of them with a strong force.

How can I run the 400m faster?

Before any athlete learns how to run the 400m faster, it is important that they understand the value of the start and the acceleration in their race. Young 400m athletes will tend to run the 400m with the idea that they should start out slow and progressively build their speed over the duration of the 400m. Don’t do this.

How to train for a 400-meter sprint?

Elite sprint coach Carl Valle suggests that 400-meter runners learn to produce more lactate in training as it can be used as an energy source in the latter parts of the race. Use special endurance repeats to train this system. Run a 300-meter repetition as hard as possible. Rest up to 15 minutes and repeat one or two more times.

What happens when a 400m runner starts?

After the starting official has given the verbal cue “set” and fired the starting pistol, the 400m runner will accelerate into the curve out of the blocks and try to reach near their maximum race velocity.