How do I lighten my hair after using Colour B4?

Colour B4 contains no peroxide or bleaches and is unable to lighten the hair in any way, it can only work on the artificial colourant molecules inside the hair. However, any peroxide based permanent and semi permanent colourants can lighten away the natural hair colour.

Can you condition after Colour B4?

Once you have completed the final rinsing and finished the complete cycle of Colour B4 apply a small amount of conditioner and work it through your wet hair. Don’t leave it on, just massage it in and then rinse very well. This should at least make your hair combable and less dry.

Can I condition after Colour remover?

Most salons recommend that you wait 6 to 8 weeks before doing this. it is for the safety of your hair. During this time you are waiting make sure you do a lot of deep conditioning for your hair to help fix the damage. You have to wait at least 2 weeks between colors or stripping, because this is so unhealthy.

Should I wash my hair before using Colour B4?

Preparation. Before you ColourB4™ it is strongly recommended to achieve the best possible removal that you start with clean dry hair. We recommend that you wash your hair twice with a clarifying shampoo to remove product residue and silicone build-up from the cuticle.

Why has my hair gone ginger after using Colour b4?

Colourb4 removes the colour molecules from the hair shaft, so what you get at the end is the bleached hair from your dark dye. It’s going to be ginger toned, but get yourself an Ash toned semi permanent to throw on after, and this will counteract the ginger/bleached parts.

Why has my hair gone ginger after using Colourb4?

How do I get the best Colourb4 results?

Use a clarifying shampoo before you use colour b4. This removes hair products and gives a better result. You will have red/orange tones once it’s removed. You can use a semi permanent wash out colour while your hair recovers.

Can I dye my hair right after using a color remover?

We like to wait at least 48 hours before Colouring and longer when you are lightening the Hair. After Colour Removing your Hair shaft is completely open, so it absorbs anything you put on your Hair.

Can I tone my hair after color remover?

After removing the color, the hair will always have a warmer touch. The orange or yellow tones that remain in the hair come from the developer that was used in the previous coloring. You can easily correct these unwanted warm tones either by coloring your hair to the shade you wanted or by using hair toner.

Why has my hair gone ginger after using ColourB4?

How to select the right purple shampoo for You?

2. How To Select The Right Purple Shampoo Highly-Pigmented Purple: For pre-toning or instant tonal deposit, neutralize underlying warm tones with an anti-yellow wash like Schwarzkopf Professional GOODBYE YELLOW®. Process for 5 minutes, using it daily for maximum tonal deposit or 1 to 2 times a week for maintenance.

What is purple artnaturals shampoo and conditioner?

ArtNaturals’ purple shampoo and conditioner set are designed to be used in conjunction with each other. While the shampoo is gentle and uses mostly natural ingredients, it does leave the hair a bit dry. This is where the thick conditioner comes in.

Is purple shampoo bad for your hair?

Most purple shampoos leave your hair brittle, stringy, dry, and in extreme cases, mess up their moisture balance. Look for a shampoo that is gentle on your hair and includes moisturizing agents to restore the hair oil balance.

Why does my shampoo have purple undertones?

Redken Artist Jaclyn Harwood says that these undertones can also be caused by things like sun, hard water or heat styling. For this reason, purple shampoo is not just for color-treated blondes. Natural blondes need it, too, Harwood says.