How do I open a db2 command window in Linux?

Start a terminal session, or type Alt + F2 to bring up the Linux “Run Command” dialog. Type db2cc to start the DB2 Control Center.

How do I run a db2 query in Linux?


  1. Start the command line processor, and set command line processor options.
  2. Run SQL statements to query and modify data.
  3. Terminate the command line processor, and restart it with a different set of options.
  4. Create and call a stored procedure.

How do I connect to a db2 database in Linux?

Connecting to a database using the Db2 Command Line tool

  1. C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN>db2.
  2. db2 =>
  3. db2 => connect to books user db2admin using your_password.
  4. Database Connection Information Database server = DB2/NT64 SQL authorization ID = DB2ADMIN Local database alias = BOOKS.
  5. db2 => list tables.

How do I run a DB2 query from a UNIX shell script?

Scripts / Scenario

  1. Logon as instance owner and make sure Db2 is up and running.
  2. Save below as and run “chmod 777” —————- #!/bin/sh. export DBNAME=db1. db2 -v “drop db $DBNAME” db2 -v “create db $DBNAME” db2 -v “connect to $DBNAME”
  3. Run “” as instance owner.

Where is DB2 command?

The Db2 command line processor is a program that runs under z/OS® UNIX System Services.

What is DB2 command window?

Opens the CLP-enabled Db2 window, and initializes the Db2 command line environment. Issuing this command is equivalent to clicking the Db2 Command Window icon. This command is only available on Windows operating systems.

How do I connect to a DB2 database in UNIX shell script?

To connect to your DB2 database:

  1. From the DB2 command line processor, connect your DB2 database using the following syntax: db2=> CONNECT TO USER USING
  2. Bind the MERANT SQL files to the database, using special options on the BIND command, based on your installation.

What are DB2 commands?

Useful DB2 Commands

Command Description
db2 connect to Establish connection to an instance
db2 list tablespaces show detail Displays table space information
db2 get dbm cfg Display configuration parameter of database manager.
db2 get db cfg for Display configuration parameter of an instance

Where is DB2 Command Window?

So to start the command window, you can do it in different ways. you can go to Start > Programs > IBM DB2 > DB2COPY1 > Command Line Tools > Command Window. This is the long way to do it. The short way to do it would be to go to Start > Run and just type db2cmd and press Enter.